Whole House Fan Installation

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Whole House Fan Installation
Quiet Cool Whole House Fans
July 22, 2019
Whole House Fan Installation
Furnace and Central Heating System
July 22, 2019

Whole House Fan Installation

Whole House Fan Installation

The Whole House Fan Installation That Changes Your Whole House

Whole House Fan Installation

The whole house fan installation is an installation you will not regret. It is a new take on a time-tested cooling alternative to traditional air conditioner.

Many homeowners today are tired of paying so much for their air conditioning. Especially during the hottest times of the year, they need to pay a premium to cool their homes. Not only that, we use our air conditioning so often that parts wear down quickly and need repairs. Fortunately, whole house fans help the air conditioner work better and last longer. It is a genius solution that fixes expensive air conditioning.

What do you need to know about the whole house fan installation?

  • It can totally replace the traditional air conditioner
  • It reduces the workload for the air conditioner
  • It lowers cooling costs by 50 to 90 percent
  • It improves indoor air quality
  • It works to ventilate the home
  • It is very quiet
  • It requires little maintenance

Using the air conditioning alongside the whole house fan completely transforms your home. Prepare yourself for incredibly efficient cooling, better indoor air, a healthier home and a more comfortable life.

Whole House Fan Installation Cools Your Home Differently

Whole House Fan Installation

How does the whole house fan work to cool your home? It isn’t anything like a traditional air conditioner unit.

The traditional air conditioner unit cycles indoor home air, as is, through its cooling apparatus. In doing so, a heat transfer takes place and cools warm air. Cooled air is then pushed through the air ducts and empties into the home. This process repeats itself over and over again until all the air inside the home meets the temperature set on the thermostat.

With the whole house fan installation, air is not necessarily cooled. The whole house fan is made of the intake port, fan and duct. One end of the whole house fan installation connects to an attic vent, which leads to an external location. The other end connects to a register leading to one of the areas of your home.

Whenever you turn on the whole house fan installation, the fan creates a vacuum, pulling in cool air from open windows and doors. As it pulls air in all throughout the house, it pushes hot air up to the attic, through the air ducts and out the attic vent. In doing so, hot air is physically removed from the home and displaced with cool air from outside.

Select windows and doors must be open for the whole house fan installation to work. Additionally, outdoor temperature must be lower than indoor temperature for cooling to take place. While this may sound difficult, it is rather simple. Just turn on your whole house fan installation early in the morning or in the evening. The more you use your whole house fan installation, the more heat is moved out of the home, letting the home stay cooler for longer.

Whole House Fan Installation Reduces Air Conditioning Costs

How much does it cost to operate your whole house fan installation? It costs only a tenth of traditional air conditioning costs. The more you use your whole house fan installation, the more you save because cool air is always in the home and hot air is always being pushed out.

With traditional air conditioning, hot air itself is cooled. This is a lot of work for the air conditioner and the main reason why it costs so much. With the whole house fan installation, hot air is removed completely from the home. Cool outdoor air is brought in. While it still may be warmer than you’d like, since the majority of the heat is removed, your air conditioner can cool the home to your desired temperature faster without experiencing unnecessary stress.

It is the best way to cool your home. First, use the whole house fan installation to remove unwanted heat and naturally cool your home. Then, use the air conditioner for fine tuning the temperature to where you want. You’ll reduce AC costs by 50 to 90 percent, take stress off the air conditioner and the pressure off yourself to pay high utility bills.

Whole House Fan Installation Elevates Indoor Air Quality and Home Comfort

Whole House Fan Installation

With whole house fan installation, you experience significant savings on energy costs by cooling the home in the most efficient way. What’s another benefit to whole house fan installation? Better indoor air quality.

Indoor air is between five and 100 times dirtier than outdoor air. Sources for pollutants are to blame:

  • Textile fibers
  • VOCs
  • Smokes
  • Human and animal dander
  • Insects and fecal matter
  • Gasses and vapors
  • Bacteria
  • Germs

It all contributes to low indoor air quality, which negatively affects our productivity, health, hygiene, comfort and peace of mind. With whole house fan installation, indoor air quality improves. How?

In one way, the whole house fan installation is a giant ventilation machine. It pushes stale indoor air out of the home while bringing in cleaner and healthier outdoor air. In doing so, we also remove thousands of different types of airborne particles and germs. This is especially important in the warmer months of the year when bacteria grows.

Choose Your Whole House Fan Installation with Service Champions Experts

As the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange and Los Angeles Counties, we are always looking for the top ways to improve heating and air conditioning for Southern California homeowners. At Service Champions, we believe that every home should have whole house fan installation.

The whole house fan installation changes your whole home. It changes the way you cool your home to the way you experience your home air. It is really one of the best choices you can make for your family, home and quality of life.

Improve your home with whole house fan installations. Consult Service Champions for the next steps by completing the form below to meet your technician. Our friendly call center representatives are also available for you with whatever you need.

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