Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System
Home Water Filtration System
August 21, 2019
Water Filtration System
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August 21, 2019

Water Filtration System

Water Filtration System

Upgrade Your Home With HALO Water Filtration System

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Orange and Los Angeles counties. We lead in home comfort solutions through superior HVAC. For years, we have transformed homes with exceptional heating and air conditioning.

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Now, we want to change the quality of your home water. To give you the best water available, we now carry the HALO 5 water filtration system.

The HALO 5 water filtration system is unlike any other water filtration system. With the HALO 5 water filtration system, homeowners enjoy:

  • Water free of mineral buildup
  • More enjoyable showers
  • Pristine dishes and clothes
  • Drinkable water from every faucet in the house
  • Clean home appliances
  • Long-lasting and healthy pipes

You can always count on Service Champions to take care of your home air through superior heating and air conditioning. Now, trust us on the HALO 5 water filtration system to transform the water in your home. We promise the same exceptional customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

The HALO Water Filtration System Elevates Your Home With Pristine Water

Do you notice a white cast on your shower heads, sprinklers and around the kitchen? If you do, you’re dealing with scale, which means your home uses hard water. Hard water is water that contains magnesium, calcium and other sulfates. It is important to know that hard water can really damage the home and cause all sorts of disruptions.

How does hard water cause sneaky problems? Homeowners who use hard water deal with crusty blockages in pipes that cause water to backup or reduced water pressure. It can cause dirty dishes, leaving that signature white cast on glassware and silverware. Hard water also ruins clothes in the washing machine, ineffectively washing out soap and warping textiles. It also negatively affects the lawn and garden with its high mineral content.

Hard water even ruins skin, hair and nails in the shower. With hard water, we need more soap to clean than usual and no matter how many times we wash our clothes, dishes or skin, they never feel clean enough. High mineral content in water is the problem and if it doesn’t directly affect you, it affects the house in the form of scale.

Scale is the buildup we see in our tools and appliances. Scale shortens the lifespan of our fixtures, causing sheen to dull more quickly and clogs in shower heads, sprinklers and faucets. It can even eat away expensive finishes in bathtubs and sinks.

We need a solution to remove hard water. We need the HALO 5 water filtration system. One of the best features of this water filtration system is that it dissolves existing scale. This means that even if you’ve been using hard water that caused buildup within the pipes, the HALO 5 will undo that damage, clear the pipes and restore full water flow. HALO 5 water filtration system also prevents corrosions in the most harmless way possible.

The HALO Water Filtration System Protects Your Water From Harmful Elements

Hard water or contaminated water does affect our health and lifestyle quality. Those who take control over their home water with water filtration systems really experience a positive change!

How exactly does the HALO 5 water filtration system work? As water passes through the treatment chamber it enters a permanent magnetic field that interrupts the natural formation of scale, which is the collection of hard minerals in the water. As the particles are repelled away from each other, they are pulled from the solution.

The HALO 5 water filtration system:

  • Does not use chemicals
  • Removes contaminants without removing essential minerals
  • Eliminates the need for filters for drinking water
  • Leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed

With the HALO 5 water filtration system, you can drink from every faucet in the house without a single worry. You never need to buy filtered water in plastic bottles again. Dishes are always perfectly clean and clothes come out of the wash undamaged by hard water every single time.

Why Use The HALO Water Filtration System?

The water that comes from our home is the water we use every single day, so each encounter counts! The HALO 5 water filtration system is unlike any other. It is a multi-stage filtration and conditioning system that uses no chemicals or salts to clean water. It requires no maintenance and even cleans itself through regular back wash. This water filtration system is simply the most effective at purifying and softening water all through the house.

Who benefits from HALO 5 water filtration systems? Homeowners who:

  • Want clean water to drink straight from the faucet
  • Want to enjoy baths and showers with soft water
  • Want to protect their homes from mineral buildup
  • Are tired of fighting limescale buildup

Traditional water softeners are highly ineffective. They require additional time, money and maintenance. With traditional solutions, homeowners need to replenish salt and potassium levels to water in order to “soften” it of minerals. Unfortunately, traditional water softeners also remove vital minerals and only “fix” hard water without caring for water supply as a whole. That’s why we don’t recommend traditional water softeners. On the other hand, the HALO 5 water filtration system is an excellent way to elevate your home with supremely clean water.

Work With Service Champions for The Best Water Filtration System

At Service Champions, our primary goal is to make your home a more enjoyable place. That is why we only carry products we know and trust to elevate your home comfort, lifestyle quality and peace of mind.

The HALO 5 water filtration system comes with our signature satisfaction guarantee. We know that this spectacular water filtration system will improve your home life. It requires no maintenance, protects your home pipes, keeps appliances clean and purifies water so you can trust what you drink.

To learn more about the HALO 5 water filtration system, complete the form below. You can also speak to our friendly call center representatives further assistance.

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