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The Best AC Repairs in Laguna Woods Are From Service Champions

The Best AC Repairs in Laguna Woods Are From Service Champions
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October 4, 2019
The Best AC Repairs in Laguna Woods Are From Service Champions
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The Best AC Repairs in Laguna Woods Are From Service Champions

The Best AC Repairs in Laguna Woods Are From Service Champions
The best AC repairs in Laguna Woods are from Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning. Our experts lead in HVAC as the only Diamond Certified provider for Orange County. What sets us apart from other HVAC contractors?

Every Service Champions technician:

  • Passed drug tests and background checks
  • Trains each year for 150 hours
  • Uses advanced methods of care for service
  • Arrives on time and fully prepared
  • Is courteous and professional
  • Completes your repair in one visit*
  • Keeps and leaves your home clean

In addition to extraordinary HVAC experts, with Service Champions you can also count on:

  • Helpful and friendly call center representatives
  • High quality services
  • Genuine parts and equipment
  • Thorough communication
  • Your total satisfaction

Service Champions delivers the most exceptional AC repairs in Laguna Woods with the best customer service. From beginning to end, we take care of you and your central air system.

How Do You Know You Need AC Repairs in Laguna Woods?

How do you know you need AC repairs in Laguna Woods? There are several behaviors from your air conditioner that signal the need for AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

Unreliable or inconsistent heating and air conditioning

If the air conditioning continually shuts on and off in irregular or unexpected patterns, it may be time for AC repairs in Laguna Woods. This behavior is called short cycling and happens for a number of reasons. It may be due to faulty thermostat readings that continue to prompt air conditioning at the wrong times. It may also be because of a dirty or overused air filter, which reduces air flow and disrupts the air conditioning process.

Unreliable air conditioning or short cycling is never a normal behavior. If you experience this with your air conditioner, turn off the central air system and call your technician for AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

Unusual or uncomfortable odors from vents and registers

Does home air smell whenever you run the air conditioning? If so, you probably need AC repairs in Laguna Woods. Odors result from organic debris, buildup, grease, microbiological growth and even animal carcasses stuck inside the central air system. Bad smells typically result from general buildup but also point to leaks that need attention from your technician. If air is smelly, call your technician to investigate and deliver AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

Loud, repetitive or alarming noises during AC cycle

It is never normal for the air conditioner to produce loud or alarming noises during operation. Noises such as clapping, slapping, clicking or booming require the attention of your HVAC contractor. These noises generally result from wear as pieces and parts move, shift or detach. For safe operation, call for AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

High or sharp increases in the utility bill

No one looks forward to increases in the energy bill. If you have one, it’s time to inspect your air conditioner. Unusually high energy bills signal underlying issues such as air duct leaks, refrigerant leaks, gas leaks and poor insulation. Because higher utility bills is a very general sign of trouble, it is crucial that you have your technician visit for a proper diagnosis. He or she can pinpoint the trouble are and deliver the right AC repairs in Laguna Woods, restoring energy efficiency.

Trouble using or operating the air conditioner

If you have issues commanding your air conditioner, it’s time for maintenance. Your thermostat may need to be replaced. It can also be that certain settings have shifted, expired or blown. Only your technician can fully verify the issues and move forward with AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

General discomfort at home

Sometimes, we simply cannot pinpoint what troubles the air conditioner, but we can tell that we aren’t as comfortable at home as before. Home comfort has declined, but we might not have realized when. A decline in home comfort typically starts with low indoor air quality then develops into inaccurate heating and air conditioning. It may not necessarily result in AC repairs in Laguna Woods, but it is a good idea to have your technician for maintenance.

If you experience any of these behaviors from your air conditioner, consult your HVAC expert for AC repairs in Laguna Woods. Prompt service will cure any changes in home comfort and deliver much needed peace of mind.

What Are Common AC Repairs in Laguna Woods?

Hundreds of parts make up the air conditioner, but some require more attention than others. Some also work more than others, and these parts are the ones that most likely need AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

What are some common AC repairs in Laguna Woods?

Frozen evaporator coils

Evaporator coils are a set of hollow tubes that sit on top of the furnace. These coils fill with compressed refrigerant during the air conditioning process, which causes the coils themselves to drop to frigid temperatures. Lukewarm home air passes over these coils and a heat transfer takes place. At this point, the coil absorb heat out of the air and air becomes cool. Then, cooled air moves back into the home.

Because evaporator coils constantly fluctuate in temperature, they are prone to condensate, growing sticky and wet with water. In addition, as home air passes over them, particles and germs stick to the coils. These particles build up and cloak the coils, which later interferes with the air conditioning process. Eventually, the buildup freezes into place and homeowners deal with frozen evaporator coils.

Frozen evaporator coils waste an incredible amount of energy and result in serious AC repairs in Laguna Woods. If you have trouble with your air conditioning, call immediately for help. Your technician will clean the frozen coils and restore safe and proper operation.

Microbiological growth

An inevitable part of air conditioning is condensation. To safely handle this water production, the condensate lines are in place to remove excess water away from the central air system. Unfortunately, many times water grows stagnant in the drip pan, gets stuck in the tubes or collects elsewhere in the air conditioner. This often results in microbiological growths, which not only affect indoor air quality and sanitation but also the health of the central air system itself.

If you see stagnant water or smell microbiological growth, call for AC repairs in Laguna Woods. Your technician uses precision tools to remove the growths and sterilize equipment for healthy and clean air conditioning.

Refrigerant leaks

Refrigerant is the coolant used in the air conditioning process. Contrary to popular belief, refrigerant does not need to be refilled. It is contained in a closed-circuit system and unless it leaks, homeowners never need to touch anything related to refrigerant.

Refrigerant is tasteless and odorless, which makes it difficult to detect. This is important to know because it is harmful if we come into direct contact with it. Only HVAC contractors should handle refrigerant.

If we cannot taste or smell refrigerant, how can we detect leaks? As homeowners, we can only notice changes with the air conditioner that may signal refrigerant leaks. For example, is air conditioning not as cold as you would like? Does the central air system short cycle? Do you know for a fact that there has been activity around the refrigerant lines that could have physically altered them?

If you think you might have refrigerant leaks, call your technician immediately to make AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

What Causes AC repairs in Laguna Woods?

Do you know what causes AC repairs in Laguna Woods? Because of how complex the air conditioning system is, there can be multiple reasons for repairs. In many cases, it is a combination of conditions that cause repairs.

Potential causes for AC repairs in Laguna Woods include:

  • Physical trauma to the system
  • Incorrect repairs or service
  • Spoiled replacement parts
  • Misuse or abuse
  • Negligence
  • General wear and aging
  • Obstruction and buildup
  • Lack of maintenance

For most homes, repairs happen due to a combination of general wear, buildup and negligence. Parts age with repeated use over time. They shift out of place, wear down in certain places and need to be replaced. Additionally, as home air travels through the air conditioner, particles and germs stick to the interior in layers. While a bit of buildup causes little harm, over time it does grow large enough to interfere with performance. If and when homeowners do not take care of buildup or keep their equipment clean, AC repairs in Laguna Woods become inevitable. You might need repairs for dirty flame sensors, clogged condensate lines and low indoor air quality.

This is where it becomes important for homeowners to pay more attention to their central air systems. The air conditioner is no different from any other appliance in the house. The air conditioner requires proper use, cleaning and maintenance in order to last long and work to your expectations.

In order to do this, incorporate small steps such as:

  • Keeping the air conditioner clean
  • Recognizing needed AC repairs in Laguna Woods
  • Calling your technician as soon as possible

How you treat your central air system makes a difference. For more tips, ask your technician what you can do differently.

How Can You Prevent AC Repairs in Laguna Woods?

Can homeowners prevent AC repairs in Laguna Woods? We can successfully prevent 90 percent of all AC repairs in Laguna Woods with HVAC maintenance twice a year.

Maintenance works as a preventative treatment and delivers precision care to your personal air conditioner.

Homeowners who commit to maintenance twice a year experience:

  • More reliable air conditioning
  • Elevated indoor air quality
  • Better energy efficiency
  • A healthier and cleaner system
  • Smooth operation
  • Accurate temperatures
  • Fewer repairs and damages
  • Fewer complications
  • A longer lasting system
  • Lower cost per use
  • Improved home comfort
  • Peace of mind

How does your technician deliver all of these benefits?

During maintenance, your technician restores the health, cleanliness, energy efficiency and performance quality of your air conditioner. Your AC system gets high quality one-on-one care from a certified expert. Because your technician completely assesses your air conditioner, problems areas are treated before they set into permanent damages or expensive AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

What exactly does your technician do during maintenance?

  • Visually inspects the air conditioner, inside and out
  • Scrubs the system clean
  • Removes buildup, obstruction, water, growths and debris
  • Cleans out the condensate lines and air filters
  • Adjusts attachments, covers, wires and connections
  • Tests for energy efficiency and proper performance
  • Measures air flow and air pressure
  • Tests for gas leaks, refrigerant leaks and air duct leaks
  • Identifies weaknesses, points of wear and growing issues
  • Delivers correct treatment for full restoration

Once maintenance is done, you have healthier and cleaner air conditioning and reliable performance.

Maintenance cannot undo or prevent aging, but it does prevent early aging and unnecessary damages. To protect your air conditioner and home health, commit to maintenance twice a year. In addition to healthy air conditioning, you also prevent 90 percent of all AC repairs in Laguna Woods. With maintenance, your technician takes care of everything so you never need to worry about it.

Who Delivers the Best AC Repairs in Laguna Woods?

Air conditioning determines our home comfort, peace of mind and everyday productivity. You should be able to rely on your air conditioning every day without trouble. In order to do that, you need the best technicians on your side.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only choice for homeowners who want superior results with their AC repairs in Laguna Woods. Thousands of homeowners trust us every year to deliver exceptional heating and air conditioning and it starts with AC repairs in Laguna Woods.

We take every repair seriously, giving you and your home our complete attention and care. No one beats us in air conditioning service in Laguna Woods.

Get your AC repairs in Laguna Woods from the top technicians for the job. To schedule an appointment with Service Champions, complete the form linked here. You can also contact our friendly call center representatives for further assistance.

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