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Storm Damage Undone By Good Deed

Storm Damage Undone By Good Deed
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August 30, 2017
Storm Damage Undone By Good Deed
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September 5, 2017
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Storm Damage Undone By Good Deed

Storm Damage Undone By Good Deed

134 Brett Turner Comm Box 0809 - Storm Damage Undone By Good Deed


Service Champions technician Brett was on a service call at a home in Laguna Niguel. Part of the work was next to the garage area and Brett stumbled across some damage from a recent big storm.

Brett was surprised to see a panel ripped off and wires hanging behind it.

As he took a closer look, he could see it was the communication box for important utilities. Brett knew that all those wires being exposed could mean big trouble later.

“A cover on the side of the house was gone, and inside of it is was a junction box. It had all the communication lines inside of it,” Brett explained. “The screws on the panel cover were gone.”

Brett decided to get this all cleaned up for the homeowner.

“First, I cleaned out a little debris that had got in there. Then I grabbed the panel cover and drilled out the holes and made them a little bigger,” he said. “I matched them up with bigger screws, so everything would stay in place.”

A few gallons of water had also leaked in from the storm and was covering part of the garage floor. “I grabbed a broom and swept it all out.”

In all, Brett spent about 20 minutes and had things ship-shape when he was done. He explained to the homeowner the steps he took to fix it.

The homeowner was very happy. “I appreciate it – I’m not that handy myself, so this was a big help to me,” he told Brett.

Brett, thanks for identifying a problem and solving it for the homeowner! That’s another superb Good Deed For Free!

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