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Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Service Champions Cleans Air for Upland

Your central air system works day in and day out to bring you the kind of air you want. It’s important to maintain your home comfort and lifestyle. Though your furnace and central air conditioner can do a great job of heating and cooling air, it has the potential to perform better. With Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in Upland, you always have the best and purest air available.

Most families do not realize that often times, the air outside of their homes is cleaner and purer than the air inside of their homes. Indoor air has little ventilation and the same air is recycled over and over again. This means that airborne particles and pathogens like allergens, pollen, vapors and dust particles accumulate. Sometimes, it gets so bad as to affect your health.

There’s good news. Service Champions works to make your central air system one that can clean while it conditions air. By using a combination of super filters and air cleaners, you can experience air that is purer, cleaner and healthier for everyone inside of the home.

Give us a call today and we’ll be more than happy to service you and your family. Continue to read on to see what makes Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning the best choice and how we deviate from our competitors.

Welcome Home Upland

Air Conditioning Repair Anaheim Hills Service Champions 300x201 3 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACWhen you decide to purchase a new furnace or air conditioner, Service Champions is ready with great offers. We offer a line of energy-efficient furnaces that allows you to make the best choices for your home’s needs. Every furnace is buildable to specialize in exactly what you want it to and with varying sizes, you’re sure to find a match for your house.

Service Champions technicians work promptly and professionally, so you know that you get a flawless installation. When your technicians arrive to your home with your new furnace and/or air conditioner, they pull shoe covers over their boots before entering your house. This is to prevent tracking in any dirt from outside that soil your home floors.

Air Conditioner Repair in La Palma 300x169 9 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACAny floor area where your technicians plan to work is also covered with protective plastic lining to catch any fall-out and debris that occur during the installation process. Your home is important to us and we want to provide the best personal experience.

Upland Air Conditioning Installations

La Palma Air Conditioning Installation 300x2001 300x200 4 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACFor the condenser located outside in the yard, your Service Champions technicians mount a condenser pad neatly onto the ground. This elevated platform provides a designated spot for the condenser, keeping it organized from other background furniture, tucked away while protecting it from ground-level harm.

Service Champions wants to eliminate as much pain in HVAC work as possible. To make it easy on everyone, you are provided with upfront pricing and a scheduled time-table. This means you know exactly when your technicians will be in and out without any surprise costs at the end.

Heating Installations and More for Upland Homes

Furnace Installation Anaheim Hills1 300x186 8 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACService Champions is also the only company that completely insulates the walls surrounding the furnace. This insulation results in noise reduction from when the furnace is in regular usage. As shown in the picture to the right, all of our installations come with this complimentary feature.

Furnace Closet Installation La Palma 224x300 11 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACFor all furnace installations, which are either located either inside of a closet or outside the home in the garage, a metal mat is used to line the garage or closet floor before fitting the furnace. This metal mat is a buffer that catches stains and residue that accumulate during the lifespan of furnace use.

When the installation is complete, your technicians collect all garbage and your old furnace to load onto their van. Everything is carried away for proper recycling and disposal.

Gas-Free Alternatives Available For Upland

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 19 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Air Handler

If your home is in a district that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, Service Champions offers the heat pumps system as an alternative. The heat pump system is a popular method of heating and cooling homes without the use of gas. The system consists of the air handler and the heat pump which functions on electricity and refrigerant.

La Palma Helping Hand 224x300 224x300 8 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACThe heat pumps system is the unit outside of your home while the air handler is the unit in your home or garage that replaces the furnace. The heat pump and the air handler work together as a unit to take cold air out and pump warm air back in. (Air handler image shown on the right). To see if you home is suited for the heat pumps system, have your Service Champions specialist visit.

Service Champions technicians work for your total satisfaction. Feel free to voice out any questions or comments regarding your heating and air conditioning. If you simply need an extra hand to help out with a household chore, your technician would be more than willing to assist you. Our technicians believe that true customer service extends beyond a paid job. We are always here to aid you in all aspects.

Upland Families Choose Service Champions

TechTraining0 191 300x201 7 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACService Champions is a superior HVAC contractor. Families of Upland select Service Champions for trustworthy service and expert technical care.

Aaron Air Conditioning - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACOur technicians train for 150 hours every single year in our own training facility. We master new techniques and technologies developing in the HVAC industry. We brainstorm on how to bring better service to the families of Southern California and hold ourselves to high standards to guarantee that we can solve any problems your central air system may have.

Every member of the Service Champions team undergoes background checks and passes drug tests prior to entering your home. For your added security, you receive an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians so you know who to expect.

Give us a call today.

Upland AC Repair and Furnace Repair

Technician with Safety Glasses Maintenance 200x300 2 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACYour central air system is a network of important instruments and equipment that work together to bring conditioned air into your home. When one of these parts is neglected or needs maintenance, the quality of air conditioning suffers.

If you have experienced or noticed subpar heating or cooling, have your Upland Service Champions technician visit immediately. With a thorough evaluation, he can give you practical ways to make improvements and restore the performance quality of your central air system.

Ray80 300x225 1 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACSmall decisions yield big results. Refilling your refrigerant supply, tightening loose motors or changing old filters play a large role in the quality of performance and air conditioning. The easiest way of doing this is with Service Champions’ AC maintenance.

Upland AC maintenance that is regularly scheduled means you have an expert looking after your central air system. Problems are fixed before they happen and safety precautions are taken to protect your family, home and air.

Service Champions Makes a Difference for Upland Homes

Anaheim Hills Airflow technician 189x300 7 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACOne concern of Service Champions is the poor air quality of homes all across Southern California. Household members breathe in airborne particles that irritate and take away from home comfort. Breathing pure, fresh air should be a necessity not a privilege to everyone.

Zoning Control System 300x201 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACBecause our technicians know it’s possible and practical to use your central air system as a method to also clean air, we want to share these secrets with you as we have with thousands of families already. You and your family deserve only the best air quality for your home. Do not settle for anything less.

Our technicians believe in the products and services we provide. Super filters and air cleaners make a difference in your air quality and lifestyle. Up to 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens and particles are eliminated, leaving nothing but excellent air to breathe. To read more about available filters, click here.

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Upland Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACService Champions is the only Diamond Certified San Bernardino County heating and air conditioning provider. As a superior HVAC contractor, our technicians want you to experience the best available. For firsthand account from past clients, we encourage you to visit our client testimonials page.

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