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Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning

Homes of Rancho Cucamonga have trusted Service Champions to bring top quality air products and services. As the only Diamond Certified San Bernardino County heating and air conditioning provider, we want to help you achieve the best for your home through your central air system.

Each visit is catered to providing you exceptional customer service and keeping your air conditioning and heating maintained in your home. Our call centers are always open to take your call for any issues you may be experiencing.

Call today to have any of your questions answered. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning provides quality service and cleaner air to all Rancho Cucamonga homes.

AC & Heating Maintenance for Rancho Cucamonga

Air Conditioning Maintenance11 300x268 20 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACRancho Cucamonga air conditioning maintenance is a major component to having your central air conditioning running smoothly all year long. Regularly maintained air conditioners are less likely to break down, will cost you less in utilities and will lengthen the total lifespan of your system in the long run.

Compressor Tune Up in San Clemente 300x200 1 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

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We have serviced thousands of homes in Southern California and have found several shocking correlations that result to central air conditioning issues. Shown to the right is a before and after comparison of one of Service Champions’ maintenance services. Listed below are just a few common types of issues that could have easily been prevented with regular maintenance.

Compressor Before After Comparison Foothill Ranch 300x194 1 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

AC Tune-Up

First, low refrigerant levels could be preventing you from experiencing top quality air. Secondly, faulty electric wiring and burnt motors could result in your system completely shutting down and failing.

Dirty filters also pollute the air you breathe in inside of your home. Keeping this maintained will benefit your health and comfort level. Lastly, microbiological growth originates from flooded drip pans and inside evaporative coils. They can easily contaminate the air you and your family are breathing.

Without proper treatment, these minor conditions can turn into expensive costs and replacements. Treat your central air conditioning regularly and be rewarded with fresh, clean air daily.

Tune-Ups for Rancho Cucamonga Homeowners

Here’s a secret Rancho Cucamonga. Up to half of all repairs and replacements can be avoided with tune-ups and maintenance. To ease your heating and air conditioning experience, we have come up with a 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up that restores your central air conditioning’s efficiency and power.

Foothill Ranch Clogged Blower Wheel e1433857633171 8 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

Service Champions technicians work to elevate your home living. We work thoroughly through an 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up that cleans and restores your central system. The image shown to the right shows a clogged blower wheel, a common issue especially in households with pets.

Foothill Ranch Cleaned Blower Wheel1 4 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

Cleaning the blower wheel is only a small portion of the furnace tune-up we perform. The image displayed to the left is a clean blower motor after a Service Champions visit.

Rancho Cucamonga AC Repairs and Heating Repairs

Service Champions Air Conditioning La Palma 12 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACAll Service Champions visits are professional and treated with respect. When you choose Service Champions, you are choosing:

  • Punctual arrivals – we arrive within the first hour of the service window.
  • Clean services – we pull shoe covers over our boots before entering your home.
  • Upfront pricing – we discuss and explain everything before we begin working in your home.
  • Fully equipped trucks – we are prepared for all your HVAC needs.

We promise to bring to your home honest and practical solutions if any repairs are necessary.

Quality Care for Rancho Cucamonga

Condenser Training 300x201 16 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACEach and every technician trains for 150 hours each year to maintain our knowledge on heating and air conditioning systems. We work hard so that we can treat your home with the most up-to-date methods of technical care.

Aaron Air Conditioning - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACAll Rancho Cucamonga Service Champions technicians must pass drug tests and background checks before servicing your home. Additionally, we also provide email confirmations including photo IDs of your specific technician, the time of their arrival and date so you are never surprised at the door.

Guarantees to All Homeowners

Air Conditioning Repair Anaheim Hills Service Champions 300x201 3 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACAll Service Champions services come with complete peace of mind guarantees. As a leading HVAC contractor in Southern California, it is our privilege to serve Rancho Cucamonga homes.

Air Conditioning Condensers 300x300 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACYour home is important to us. We supply only the most energy-efficient and powerful furnaces and condensers adapted to your home. Customizable features create an optimal central air system that brings to your family the best in heating and air conditioning.

Treat yourself to the best around. Call Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning for all of your HVAC needs.

Rancho Cucamonga Installations in Order

Air Conditioner Repair in La Palma 17 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

Because your new central air system will be a part of your home for many years to come, we want to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible. To accomplish this, we take a few additional measures during the installation process.

  • Floor covers are placed in order to safeguard your home floor from debris during the installation process.Condenser Installation in Alhambra 300x200 2 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC
  • Protective layering for all surrounding attic entry points. When we work on attic furnaces or ductwork in your home, we make sure to protect your personal belongings with these precautionary steps.
  • Elevated condenser pads provide a safe platform onto which the condenser is secured onto. The elevation provides a safe surrounding where the condenser is kept away from your backyard activities and from flooding.

Lasting Comfort in Your Home

Furnace Closet Insulation in Stanton 200x300 15 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACRancho Cucamonga heating installations come with a few extra steps we incorporate into your service.

For all furnace installations in the alcove of your garage or inside a closet indoors, we line a metal mat to cover your original home floors. This metal mat guards your floor from staining that accumulates naturally over the lifespan of furnace use. The mat can be removed and discarded whenever you feel fit.

Full Furnace Installation in Hawaiian Gardens 300x300 2 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACAlso included in your Rancho Cucamonga heating installation is the insulation of surrounding walls. The walls of your furnace closet or alcove are lined with insulation which helps to diminish noise levels that are produced when the central air system is running. It is a simple step we take to add to your home comfort.

A Gas-Free Choice to Heating and Cooling

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 19 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

Air Handler

Some neighborhoods of Rancho Cucamonga may not allow the use of traditional gas furnaces to heat and cool your home. For homes that meet this requirement, we offer a smart alternative so you do not have to forfeit home comfort.

The heat pump split system is a method of heating and cooling that uses electricity and the refrigeration process. The system is composed of the air handler and the heat pump which we install on site.

We work to bring you the most painless experience in heating and air conditioning. With upfront pricing and a projected time-table, there are no surprise fees or delays.

Service Champions’ Way for Clean Air

Orange County Air Conditioning Repair 300x201 1 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACFamilies of Rancho Cucamonga do not need to forfeit comfort inside of their own homes. With our help and expertise, it is possible to not only have the absolute best central air system but use it as method to clean and purify the air inside of your home.

By using a tested combination of super filters and air cleaners, you can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of all airborne pathogens and particles. Microbiological growth, pollen, allergen, dust and harmful vapors are removed from the air leaving you with clean and healthy air to breathe.

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Rancho Cucamonga Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACService Champions has worked to change the way people breathe inside of their homes. With the most trusted technical care and customer service, you can depend on us to bring you the best heating and air conditioning there is to provide. To hear more about firsthand accounts from past clients, please visit our clients’ testimonials page.

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