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Ontario Air Conditioning Services – HVAC

Quality Air by Service Champions

Families of Southern California know how important their central air system is the day it stops working. What most families don’t know is how important their central air system is when it comes to the air quality inside their homes. The air outside of our homes is cleaner than the air inside our homes and the filtration process of the air we breathe inside of homes is only as good as your central air system. That’s why Service Champions works for families to bring the best air possible through heating and air conditioning.

Air Conditioning Service in Ontario 300x201 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACOur experts use a wide range of air cleaners and super filters with your existing air conditioner or furnace. If you decide you need a new air conditioner or furnace altogether, Service Champions offers a line of high-performance, energy-efficient furnaces that bring you exactly what you want.

With the specialists at Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning, be comforted knowing you’ll be guided by experts in making the best choices in the air you bring your family.

Ontario Air Conditioning Installations and Furnace Installations

Service Champions Ontario HVAC technician 212x300 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACChoosing a new central air system with Service Champions is both simple and smart. Our line of furnace and air conditioners are customizable to meet the needs of your household and buildable to match your home. With exceptional furnaces and air conditioners installed by specialists with expert technical care and superior customer service, you get the all the benefits of experiencing the best in heating and air conditioning.

Air Conditioner Repair in Ontario 300x168 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACWhen your team of technicians arrives to your home with your new furnace or air conditioner, they cover their boots with shoe covers to prevent tracking in dirt from outside. Any floor area of your home where they work is also covered with protective plastic to catch debris and fall-out that result from the installation process.

Ontario Air Conditioning Condenser Pad 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACOutside, your condenser is fitted on top of a condenser pad which is mounted onto the ground. This provides a safe, designated space for the condenser, protecting in from ground-level harm.

Service Beyond Comparison

Furnace Closet Cover 224x300 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACThe closet floor where the furnace is installed also is matted with a metal sheet. This sheet preserves both the aesthetics of the closet as well as protects the ground from staining that may result from furnace use.

After the installation has been successfully completed to your 100 percent satisfaction, your technicians collect all garbage including the old furnace or air conditioner. Everything is loaded onto their van and carried away for proper recycling or disposal. This eliminates any extra work for you.

For homes in neighborhood that do not allow traditional gas furnaces, Service Champions offers a popular alternative. Heat pumps work to take cold air out of homes and warm air in. They function on electricity and refrigerant and are a safe method of heating homes.

Ontario central air quality 300x201 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACYour Ontario Service Champions technicians aren’t satisfied until you are 100 percent satisfied with your service. Our hope is to make the installation as easy and as convenient as possible. With upfront pricing and a provided time table, there are no delays and no surprise costs.

Families of Ontario Trust Service Champions

Service Champions Heating Air Conditioning Training Center Eagle Rock 300x200 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACOur teams work hard to be noted for their professionalism and expert knowledge. They train for 150 hours every year in our own training facility. They learn new techniques and HVAC technology to bring you better service and help your central air system work for longer.

Every Service Champions technician passes drug tests and background checks before servicing homes. For your added security, you are provided with an e-mail containing photos of your technicians before their arrival, so you know who to open your doors to.

Ontario Furnace Repair and AC Maintenance

Ontario Condenser Training Heating Air Conditioning 300x200 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACYour central air system depends on every single part it has to bring you the air it does. That means each part counts and repairs are important to preserving its lifespan and quality of performance.  Ontario Service Champions technicians know that and respect even the smallest repairs with the same level of respect as a full-service installation.

If you feel that your furnace or air conditioner is not doing as well as it should, have a Service Champions technician visit for a diagnosis. A thorough evaluation provides a list of practical solutions to restore your central air system. Have loose motors tightened and refrigerant refilled. Each step counts.

With regularly schedule AC maintenance, you have the comfort of knowing your central air system will be at its best every single day of the year. With an expert monitoring your furnace and air conditioner, problems are fixed before they even occur, so you never have to worry about your air conditioner ever again.

Service Champions Delivers the Best for Ontario

Before After Furnace 300x186 1 - Ontario Air Conditioning Services - HVACService Champions technicians service thousands of homes, repairing air and helping families breathe pure every single day. They care about the indoor air quality of your home and its effects on your family.

Allergens, dust, mold and other airborne particles can be eliminated through the means of your central air system. By using high-performance air cleaners and power filters, your Service Champions technicians can assist you in experiencing the cleanest air possible, cleaning out up to 99.9 percent of airborne particles.

As the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider, Service Champions is proud to serve the families of Ontario. Experience the best of Ontario with Service Champions.

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