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Chino Hills Heating & Air Conditioning – HVAC

Air Conditioning in Chino Hills

Homes of Chino Hills choose Service Champions for their heating and air conditioning. With Service Champions, you get the best in HVAC care and customer service.

Our line of furnaces save energy and space, working for your home. With a great selection of filters, cleaning products and other add-on’s, each furnace and air conditioner is customizable to meet the needs of your family.

Indoor Air Quality

Zoning Control System 300x201 - Chino Hills Heating & Air Conditioning – HVACThe experts at Service Champions know everything there is to know about healthy air. What most families of Chino Hills don’t know is that the air outside your home is oftentimes cleaner than the air quality inside your home. Our technicians work to fix this problem through superior services and expert technical care for your central air systems.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning provides a wide range of air cleaners and filters so your family breathes the purest air possible. We are confident that you will be able to feel the difference in the quality of your air.

Make the choice to build up the strength of your current furnace and air conditioner or install a brand new system that will change the air you breathe. Our specialists will do whatever your furnace needs to bring you the home comfort that you desire, starting with your indoor air.

Chino Hills Air Conditioning and Heating Installations

When your Service Champions technicians arrive at your home with your new central air system, they take special measures to care for your home. Your home floors are lined with protective plastic covers to catch debris and prevent soiling during the installation process. Likewise, our technicians wear shoe covers to prevent tracking in dirt to your home.

Your outdoor condenser is fitted onto an elevated condenser pad. This pad serves as a pedestal for the condenser, keeping it stable on a leveled surface as well as protecting it from ground-level harm. Your furnace also is first carpeted with a metal sheet to prevent stains that may accumulate during its lifetime of use.

Before and After2 5 - Chino Hills Heating & Air Conditioning – HVAC

After the installation is properly completed, your Service Champions technicians collect all work materials from installation process and your old furnace. They are then loaded onto their van and carried away for proper recycling and disposal. This eliminates any extra work for you.

Heat pump or Gas furnace?

If your home is in a neighborhood that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, an alternative is available. For families looking for another way to heat their homes, Service Champions offers heat pump systems which work to take cold air out of your home and warm air in. It is a popular method of heating that runs solely off electricity and refrigerant.

Our technicians are genuinely eager to assist you in whatever you need and your 100 percent satisfaction is our satisfaction. Feel free to ask of them anything else: walk your dogs, water the lawn or move furniture. No matter what you need, our technicians do their best to make it happen.

Why Service Champions for Chino Hills HVAC?

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Chino Hills Heating & Air Conditioning – HVACCountless years of servicing homes has given Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning a great sense of what families want when it comes to heating and air conditioning. The technicians of Service Champions are proud specialists who want your central air system working at its absolute best. Our teams work efficiently with utmost professionalism, respecting your home and restoring your home comfort needs.

Condenser Training 300x201 16 - Chino Hills Heating & Air Conditioning – HVACService Champions specialists train for over 150 hours every single year in our own training facility. They master new techniques and technology, equipping them to handle any problem your furnace might have. They pass drug tests and background checks and have a driving passion to bring you the best service they can provide. For your added security, you receive an e-mail containing a picture of your Service Champions technician so you know who to open your doors to.

Chino Hills Furnace Repair and AC Repair

Ray801 300x225 17 - Chino Hills Heating & Air Conditioning – HVACWhen it comes to your furnace or air conditioner, small parts play key roles in its overall function. If you want the best and cleanest air to breathe, AC maintenance and furnace maintenance are equally important in keeping the quality of your air high.

Tighten loose motors, refuel on refrigerant and maintain your furnace to make sure your central air system is in order. If you think your furnace or air conditioner is not up to par, have you Service Champions representative visit for a diagnosis. An evaluation yields a practical report of what can be done to mend problems. Your technicians respect a small repair as much as a full-service installation, so you can expect the greatest service for even the little things.

Having regularly scheduled maintenance with Service Champions is convenient and no extra trouble for you. With an expert monitoring your central air system, home comfort will never fail your expectations.

The Difference Comes with Service Champions

Chino Hills heating installations and air conditioning installations can be done by many other HVAC contractors. But for extraordinary results out of your furnace, you need extraordinary servicemen.

Service Champions is the only Diamond Certified heating and air conditioning providers in Orange County. As the leaders in the HVAC industry, families have depended on our teams to bring the best in home comfort and care. Experience the full potential of breathing the purest air available to your family with Service Champions.

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