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West Anaheim Air Conditioning & Heating

Diamond Certified Air Conditioning Service in West Anaheim

Maintenance Technician - West Anaheim Air Conditioning & HeatingWest Anaheim air conditioning and heating are priorities for Service Champions. As the only Diamond Certified HVAC in West Anaheim, our teams lead in air conditioner installations, heating installations, AC repairs, furnace repairs and other air care services.

We provide West Anaheim HVAC service you can trust. Our technicians train for 150 hours each year in our private facility, learning the newest technology available in the HVAC industry. This ensures that West Anaheim AC service is precise and efficient.

Service Champions technicians pass background checks and drug tests. For your added security, you receive an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians so you know exactly whom to expect.

Maintenance calls are hassle-free and convenient. There are no delays or surprise fees and our technicians who provide your West Anaheim air conditioning service work for your total satisfaction.

West Anaheim AC Service for Heating and Air Conditioning Maintenance

Though central air systems often skip out on air conditioner maintenance and furnace tune-ups, they are absolutely vital in preventing costly repairs and encouraging system longevity. Many central air systems that are neglected often exhibit the same signs of trouble:

  1. Low quality air conditioning from falling refrigerant supply.
  2. Irregular system performance from worn motors and wirework.
  3. Poor indoor air quality caused by dirty filters.
  4. Microbiological growth from stagnant water in drip pans and evaporator coils.

Service Champions makes AC maintenance and heating tune-ups accessible and convenient. With our two programs, your furnace and air conditioner are prepared for reliable air conditioning, while extending its longevity, efficiency, health and safety

Furnace Tune-ups and AC Tune-Ups West Anaheim Trusts

Furnace Maintenance 300x197 - West Anaheim Air Conditioning & HeatingOur 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up covers 26 points essential to a healthy and strong air conditioner. From the thermostat to the condenser unit, your Service Champions technician evaluates the air conditioner with an expert eye, promising professional and trained care.

As the nucleus of your central air system, heating maintenance is crucial to keep your central air system working as long as possible. To prepare for the fall and winter, our 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up is an excellent method to furnace care.

All furnace maintenance and air conditioner tune-ups come with our Peace of Mind Guarantee, which ensures your 100 percent satisfaction.

West Anaheim Heating Repairs and AC Repairs

Service Champions technicians are proud to consistently deliver expert technical and superior customer service with every West Anaheim furnace repair, air conditioning tune-up and heating installation. You can rely on every technician to:

  1. Respect you, your time and your home. Service Champions technicians arrive on time and prepared for your West Anaheim AC repair. They keep workspace clean and enter your home only after their boots have been covered in shoe covers.
  2. Communicate with you about what will be done to your central air system. Using photographs and demonstrations with repair parts, your technicians assure your understanding.
  3. Repair all heating and air conditioning systems.

Service Champions technicians arrive in fully stocked trucks so they can attend to all air conditioning installations and heating repairs West Anaheim may have at any time.

Air Conditioners and Gas Furnaces for West Anaheim Homes

Our teams know what goes into the perfect heating and air conditioning system. Service Champions specialists work with you to build the central air system that delivers exactly what you want.

The furnaces and air conditioners in our selection are energy-efficient, space-saving and durable so that the choices you make last and serve your home and family.

West Anaheim Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations  

The most important day of your central air system is the day it is installed. Service Champions has upgraded the air conditioning installation process to ensure the best air conditioner service in West Anaheim.

For each air conditioning installation West Anaheim home floors are covered in drop cloth to capture all debris that may fall out during the process.

The condenser pad, an elevated platform onto which the condenser unit is fitted, is used to keep the condenser up and away from the ground. This keeps the condenser safe and dry so that your central air system is always operable.

Thoughtful Heating Service in West Anaheim

Every furnace installation West Anaheim receives from Service Champions is a cut above any by alternative HVAC contractors. That is because Service Champions accommodates for the changes that come with a furnace years after the initial heating installation.

Before the furnace is installed in the closet or alcove, the floor is covered in a durable metal mat, which guards the home floors from scathing that accumulate from the furnace’s micro-movements. It also protects the floors from residues that accrue naturally over the lifespan of furnace use.

The surrounding walls of the furnace are insulated. The insulation works as a noise-cancelling device, absorbing as much noise possible before it can reach inside.

West Anaheim’s Choice for Alternative Air

HVAC service in West Anaheim includes options for alternative air solutions. Homes that are disallowed gas furnaces can opt for the heat pump split system.  This is an electric approach to heating and air conditioning West Anaheim needs.

Your Service Champions West Anaheim AC installation technicians assemble the heat pump split system and you can enjoy the immediate benefits of heating and air conditioning.

Service Champions for Clean Air in West Anaheim

From air conditioner installations to heating maintenance to AC repairs, Service Champions is your top choice for outstanding HVAC service in West Anaheim. Our expert technicians encourage each home to take steps to properly elevate indoor air quality.

Our method includes a system of air cleaners and power filters that attach to your central air system. Every time the thermostat turns on, the air is cleaned while it is conditioned.  With almost no added effort, up to 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens and particles are cleaned from the air, leaving you with pure and healthy air to breathe.

To learn more about Service Champions HVAC service in West Anaheim, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule a visit on our website at your convenience.