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Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Heating & Air Conditioning for Stanton by Service Champions

Homes and families of Stanton have experienced the extraordinary difference that comes with choosing Service Champions for heating and air conditioning tune-ups, maintenance, repairs, and installations. As California’s top HVAC contractor, we have helped repair thousands of furnaces and issues of poor air quality, changing the way people live inside of their homes.

If your home is in need of attention from our experts, know that we bring the absolute best in service and technical care, providing truly exceptional experience in central air conditioning.

Give us a call today and take charge of the air you breathe.

Stanton Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance

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Fried Capacitor

Stanton AC maintenance by Service Champions keeps your central air conditioning in top shape all year long. With the right attention and upkeep, you can preserve the lifespan and efficiency of your central air system. This is a critical step in preventing those expensive repairs because we address issues before they occur.

Many households experience the same common issues regarding their heating and air conditioning. These problems are easily averted with proper bi-annual maintenance programs.

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Clean Filter vs. Dirty Filter

Common air conditioning issues we see daily are:

  • Burnt motors and faulty electric wiring which result in your system breaking down and costly repairs to the system.
  • Microbiological growth which originates from flooded drip pans.
  • Dirty filters that pollute the air flow you and your family are breathing in.
  • Low refrigerant levels lead to poorly conditioned air.

To have properly working air conditioning all year long, have Service Champions professionals examine and maintain your central air system.

Stanton’s 26-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Stanton Service Champions technicians can help you avoid up to half of all repairs and replacements on your AC and furnace with our highly detailed 26-point air conditioning tune-up. We have specific programs designed to maximize efficiency and power and restore the safety of your home unit.

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Clogged Blower Wheel

A thorough 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up will preserve the strength of your central air system and guarantee your furnace running smoothly all year long. As part of your precision furnace tune-up, all blowers are thoroughly cleaned to provide maximum efficiency.

Blower motor clean wheel Hawaiian Gardens 2 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Clean Blower Wheel

The picture displayed above is an example of a clogged blower wheel. This picture displayed to the left is the result of a finished tune-up by a Service Champions technician. Blower wheels can get clogged over time and are more likely to clog if you have a household pet. We guarantee that the air you breathe will be better than when we first arrived.

Stanton Heating Repairs and AC Repairs

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Every visit you schedule with us is one we highly respect. We guarantee a smooth and personalized experience.

Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACWhen you choose Service Champions, you are choosing:

  • Prompt arrivals within the service window.
  • Shoe covers that cover work boots inside of your home – prevents dirt and soiled flooring.
  • Fully equipped trucks – same day repairs.
  • Upfront pricing – full explanations before work begins.
  • We work on all residential air conditioning and heating systems.

We guarantee to you and your family to always provide the best recommendations and practical solutions available. Your heating and air conditioning needs are our top priority.

Service Champions Keeps Standards High

To remain as California’s HVAC experts, we work hard to keep ourselves updated with growing technology.

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Every single year, we train in our own private training facility for 150 hours. The training equips us with updated technology developing in the HVAC industry and with new techniques. This is how you know that when we come to service your air, your central air system is being handled with the most advanced methods available.

Aaron Air Conditioning - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACEach member must pass drug tests and background checks. Additionally, prior to your scheduled appointment, you receive an e-mail from us containing the photo IDs of your technicians so you know who to expect at your home.

These extra steps are taken to ensure your safety and comfort. We never leave your home unless you are 100 percent satisfied with our visit.

All Stanton Air Conditioning Installations

Air Conditioning Condensers 300x300 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACWe guarantee all of our installations with our Peace of Mind Guarantees that provide to you reliable air quality service. We have earned the trust of thousands of families in Southern California and extend this loyalty offer to you and your home. We strive to always provide the best selection of furnaces and condensers available.

The furnaces and air conditioners we offer are all energy-efficient, space-saving and performance-based. With different sizes and buildable options, you can specifically design your furnace and condenser to meet the needs of your home.

Each home requires a unique central air system and we want to help make sure that your furnace works perfectly for your home.

Stanton Heating Installations and Air Conditioning Installations

Because you and your home depend on your central air system every single day, keeping it in its best form possible for as long as possible is crucial. To guarantee this, we incorporate additional stages for both Stanton air conditioning installations and heating installations.

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Every floor are we work over is completely covered with protective layering that catches all debris and fall-out during the installation process. This step safeguards your home flooring from potential scathing.

Additionally, when your installation requires attic access, all surrounding areas are also protected. We take precautions so that you do not have worries.

Condenser Pad 9 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Condenser pads are a very valuable and important step in your air conditioning installation. The condenser pad is an elevated platform onto which the condenser is then fitted. It keeps the condenser safe from ground-level harm such as floods or yard waste.

Increase Your Comfort Level at Home

Furnace Closet Insulation in Stanton 200x300 15 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACIn addition to your central air system installation, we go above and beyond what typical heating and air conditioning companies require.

For Stanton heating installations, a metal mat is first laid down on the floor of your furnace closet or garage alcove. Wherever your furnace is kept, the metal mat acts as a buffer between your home floor and the furnace itself. Throughout the lifespan of furnace use, staining that naturally accumulates falls upon the metal mat instead of damaging the aesthetics of your home floor.

Additionally, the surrounding walls of the furnace closet or garage alcove are lined in insulation which helps to diminish the amount of noise you hear while the central air system is running. This has contributed tremendously to home comfort, as reported by our past clients.

Full Furnace Installation in Hawaiian Gardens 3 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

All Stanton Service Champions technicians take the time and effort to professionally install your heating right the first time. We work hard to bring you the best so that you and your family can enjoy time at home comfortable and relaxed.

An Alternative to Gas Furnaces

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 19 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Air Handler

If your home is in a part of Stanton that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, we offer a smart alternative. The heat pump split system is a heating and cooling system that runs on electricity and the refrigeration process.

It is composed of the heat pump and the air handler and as a gas-free choice; it is a perfect alternative for homes that prefer an electric method of heating and air conditioning.

Because we work for your 100 percent satisfaction, we want to bring you exceptional customer service.

Service Champions Knows Clean Air

Thousands of families in California have come to Service Champions for help when their home air is in need of repair or maintenance. Providing top quality heating and air conditioning adds greatly to home comfort, but cannot fully clean the air you breathe inside. That’s why we have developed an intelligent response for poor air quality, answering the requests of California homes.

Air Srubber 300x237 1 - Stanton Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVACBy attaching a blend of super filters and performance air cleaners onto your central air system, it can work to not only condition air but to clean it at the same time.

Airborne pathogens and particles like pollen, dust, allergens, gasses, vapors and microbiological growth are wiped out of the air. Up to 99.9 percent of airborne germs are rendered harmless leaving you with air you can trust for you and your family.

Homes of Stanton that chose Service Champions are already living the difference of clean and healthy air. Have your family breathe the best. If you would like to hear more from firsthand accounts, please visit our clients’ testimonials page.

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