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Santa Ana Air Conditioning & Heating

Welcome to Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning

Service Champions has serviced the families of Santa Ana with excellent air conditioning and heating services. Founded on the principle of being the champions of service, Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning strives to contribute to the Santa Ana community through the best service for your HVAC needs.

Service Champions for Santa Ana

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 300x201 - Santa Ana Air Conditioning & HeatingService Champions Heating & Air Conditioning wants to provide every Santa Ana home with the best air quality available. We have already serviced thousands of homes in Southern California. We provide quality care each time we are out in your home.

When your technicians show up promptly at your door, we have your new furnace and all the necessary tools to fix any situation we encounter with your heating and air conditioning. Before we even enter your home, our technicians make sure to wear protective footwear to prevent any dirt from being tracked into your home.

If any indoor work is done, your home floors are covered with a protective plastic mat to avoid dirtying your home. For any ductwork or if you have a furnace located in the attic, we also put protective layers surrounding the entry point of the attic as well. Your home is important to us and we do everything we can to leave your home in the same, if not better standard than when we arrived.

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Santa Ana Air Conditioning, AC Repairs and AC Maintenance

Controlling the air quality inside your home starts with your furnace. Standard gas furnaces work to produce the air conditioning and heating that you need on a daily basis. But when you are not getting the air you want, many times, the furnace is to blame.

Gas furnaces are simple to replace with Service Champions. With several options of economical furnaces, our technicians can walk you through picking the best fit for your family and home.

Regular AC maintenance is available to keep furnaces clean and in functional condition. If a small AC repair is all you need for your home in Santa Ana, Service Champions helps find the missing piece to have your existing gas furnace work more efficiently.

Opportunities to enhance the performance of your furnace are possible with the choices Service Champions has to offer. Build your filter to be tougher, tighten up the way the motors run or re-do the air ducts to change the way air fills your home.

Heating and Heating Repair

With your furnace working around the clock, keeping it in good shape is important in the air quality it produces. Technicians at Service Champions know what goes in to your furnace to keep it healthy and work to inform you of how your furnace functions so you and your family get the most out of it.

Service Champions technicians are trained to service and repair all makes and models of furnaces and AC systems. If we do not have the part in stock, we can order any part for you. Have us mend your ignition system and gas valves or replace your control board. Prevent another breakdown by having a Service Champions specialist maintain your AC system twice per year before each summer and winter season.

The Service Champions Way

TechTraining0 32 300x200 - Santa Ana Air Conditioning & HeatingAll of our technicians are trained in our own facility, putting in 150 hours a year in instruction. We learn of the newest technologies and advancements in order to better serve your home. This allows you to have the best air conditioning at all times throughout the year. All technicians have passed drug tests and background checks before being sent into your home.

We always fulfill each and every service to your full satisfaction. Your Santa Ana technicians will never leave you home unless you are 100 percent satisfied with the visit. If you ever have any questions about your heating or air conditioning unit, feel free to ask and we will explain everything.

If you have any other requests outside of HVAC needs, we are also more than willing to assist you. Here at Service Champions, we believe that customer service extends beyond what is required of us.

The Service Champions’ Difference

Making our homes a place of warmth and comfort is essential for our daily lives. Choosing Service Champions means that air conditioning and heating installations for your Santa Ana home are clean and convenient.

Anaheim Hils Air Conditioning Service Champions 300x201 - Santa Ana Air Conditioning & HeatingAll trash and your old furnace is taken away in a Service Champions van so you don’t have to clean up. Before your technician leaves, feel free to request additional help around the house. Our technicians believe true customer service goes beyond heating and air conditioning and eagerly help with chores like sweeping, mowing the lawn or taking out the trash.

Families of Santa Ana have discovered that we are no ordinary HVAC contractor. With Service Champions you get heating, air conditioning and good deeds for free.

Make your house a place you want to come home to with Service Champions.

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