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Northwood Air Conditioning & Heating

HVAC in Northwood

Maintenance Technician 169x300 - Northwood Air Conditioning & Heating
Air conditioning service in Northwood has never been better than with Service Champions. As the only Diamond Certified HVAC contractor serving Orange and Los Angeles Counties, our technicians combine excellent customer care with expert technical service.

Service Champions technicians train for 150 hours each year in our private facility, which allows them to handle all Northwood AC repairs with care methods supported by hands-on experience and technology. For your security, all technicians pass background checks and drug tests. For your peace of mind, we send you an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your Northwood air conditioner repair technicians, so you know whom to expect.

We also provide easy service; there are never unexpected fees or delays. Your technicians are reliable, honest professionals who want to provide superior Northwood AC service. 

Northwood Air Conditioner Tune-Up for Heating and Cooling

Air conditioner maintenance and heating maintenance are the most effective ways to keep your central air system healthy and lasting long. Most costly repairs can be prevented with regular AC tune-ups and furnace tune-ups twice a year. This type of preventative care protects your furnace and air conditioner from:

  1. Poor air quality from dirty air filters.
  2. Irregular system performance caused by worn internal parts and uncleanliness.
  3. Low air conditioning quality from refrigerant leaks and low supply.
  4. Microbiological growth from stagnant water in drip pans.

One visit from your preferred Northwood AC contractor can keep your central air system happy and healthy.

Northwood Furnace Care with Precision Tune-Ups

As the leaders in providing air conditioner service in Northwood, Service Champions has designed and mastered two special maintenance programs for each the furnace and air conditioner.

The 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up addresses the specific needs of the furnace. Every part of the furnace is evaluated and monitored to ensure its health, sanitation, safety, efficiency and functionality.

The 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up is the AC maintenance program that keeps your air conditioning working all year long. Each air conditioning tune-up and heating tune-up comes with our Peace of Mind Guarantee.  Your satisfaction is promised.

Heating Repairs and AC Repairs Northwood Can Trust

Furnace Maintenance 300x197 - Northwood Air Conditioning & HeatingService Champions technicians are HVAC experts but also know the importance of genuine customer service. We want to make every homeowner of Northwood comfortable with the heating and air conditioning service they receive. This is why you can always rely on every Service Champions technician to:

  1. Respect you and your home. Our technicians arrive on time. They also wear shoe covers over their boots to avoid tracking in dirt from outside. All technicians clean up after themselves.
  2. Your technicians use demonstrations and photographs to explain exactly what will be done with your central air system.
  3. Repair all heating and air conditioning systems.

Feel free to ask your technician whatever question you have; they are more than happy to provide help. Our technicians drive trucks stocked with repair parts and tools. This makes each visit convenient as they are always prepared to make any unexpected heating repair Northwood needs.

Quality Furnaces and Air Conditioners for Northwood

Service Champions specialists work with homeowners in building the best central air system for their individual homes. Every home is built differently and the needs are equally different. This is why our technicians make an informed decision about what furnace and air conditioner will match the particular needs of your home and family.

We have a wide selection of furnaces and air conditioners, and whatever we do not have, we find for you.

Northwood Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations

The most important day of your central air system is the day it is installed. Our teams have matured the average AC installation Northwood is familiar with to be one that is exceptional.

Before even entering your home, technicians cover their shoes and the floor areas inside the home with drop cloth. This is to avoid any spills and messes that may happen during your heating installation.

For every air conditioning installation Northwood condenser pads are used to support condenser units. The elevation keeps the condenser protected from ground-level harm so that heating and air conditioning is always available.

Northwood Heating Installations   

For each heating installation Northwood homes are treated with great care and attention.  Service Champions technicians fit a metal mat onto the ground of the furnace alcove or closet before installing the furnace inside. The metal mat protects the home floor from scratch marks caused by furnace micro-movements and collects residues that excrete naturally from the furnace over the lifespan of use.

Insulation is used to line the surrounding walls of the furnace. This keeps the closet or alcove clean. Then, it works as a noise-cancelling device as the furnace ages.

Once your heating installation or air conditioner installation is completed to your total satisfaction, all garbage is collected and taken away for proper disposal and recycling.

Heating Service in Northwood Includes Options

Northwood HVAC service includes care for alternative central air systems powered by electricity.

For homes of Northwood that cannot use gas furnaces, the heat pump split system is available and delivers the same advantages of traditional gas furnaces.

The heat pump split system is composed of the heat pumps and air handler, and is subject to the same type of maintenance any other central air system needs. Your preferred Northwood AC contractors assemble this system for you.

Service Champions Delivers Superior Heating Service in Northwood

Choosing Northwood air conditioner service with Service Champions means that you and your central air system receive outstanding customer service and technical care. Our specialists lead in Northwood air conditioner repairs, heating repairs, AC installations, heating installations and other air care services.

Our technicians also help homes achieve high indoor air quality. By utilizing super filters and air cleaners that attach to the central air system, the air supply is turned pure and healthy.

To have Service Champions as your preferred Northwood HVAC contractor, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule a visit online at your convenience.