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Quality Air Comes with Service Champions

Service Champions technicians know the difference that pure, clean air can make on any home. Our technicians have helped thousands of families breathe fresh, healthy air. At Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning, keeping the quality of your central air conditioning in top shape is a priority and being economical with resources at hand is a smart way to achieve it. That’s why your central air system is a perfect place to start cleaning air.

Indoor air quality plays a large role in determining home comfort and lifestyle. Most Los Alamitos families do not realize that the air outside of the house is often times cleaner than the air inside. When air is filled with particles such as pollen, allergens, bacteria, vapors and harmful gasses, it takes a toll on our health and comfort. Especially, if you have never experienced clean indoor air, it can be hard to imagine how everyday life could be any better.

Give us a call today and experience the difference by choosing Service Champions. Quality air with superior service and more is what makes us different than all other HVAC contractors. Read more to find out.

Welcome to the Service Champions Standard

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Service Champions Air Conditioning La Palma 213x300 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACHaving your heating and air conditioning serviced has never been easier. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning strives to provide the best quality service and air available to all Los Alamitos homes. We prioritize each and every home by treating it with the most care and give you a memorable experience.

When your Service Champions technicians arrive to your home, we work promptly and with the utmost professionalism. Before even entering your home, we pull shoe covers over our boots so we do not track in dirt from outside. Any flooring of the areas we work in is also lined with protective plastic covers. This is to catch debris and fall out that may occur during the installation process.

You should have the option to be able to choose expert care all year long. Provide pure, quality air for you and your loved ones. Pure air results in a happier, healthier lifestyle.

Los Alamitos Air Conditioning Installations

Los Alamitos AC Compressor Units 300x267 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACAir Conditioning Installations – Los Alamitos – Just a few condenser options for your homeDeciding on a new air conditioner is a big choice to make for your home and everyone in it. Make an informed decision by talking with your Los Alamitos Service Champions technician. Service Champions offers a variety of air conditioners that work efficiently for your house. Each unit is customizable to fit the specific needs of your home.

When your air conditioning unit is installed into its proper place, your technicians take measures to preserve the aesthetics of your home.

The condenser that usually is outside in the backyard first receives a condenser pad. This is an elevated platform that is securely mounted onto the ground and neatly tucked away from other background furniture. It keeps the condenser organized and out of the way while protecting it from ground level harm.

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Extra Safety Precautions for all Furnace Installations

Furnace closet insulation Anaheim Hills 224x300 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACProviding quality air to your home is important to us. This is why we go above and beyond a typical furnace installation to provide not only the best HVAC experience but establish a satisfying home living comfort.
The furnace closet floor is lined with a metal mat that acts as a buffer between the furnace and the furnace closer floor. This way, all stains that occur during the lifespan of furnace use do not damage your property.

Service Champions is also the only company that incorporates insulating all of the walls that surround the furnace whether it is located inside of your home in a closet or in a garage. This completely free insulation process reduces the noise produced from your regular furnace use.

Service Champions wants to bring Los Alamitos the best experiences in heating and air conditioning. With upfront pricing and a projected time table, you know exactly when your technicians will be in and out with no surprise fees or costs.

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Furnace Alternatives Available for Los Alamitos Homes

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Air Handler

La Palma Helping Hand 224x300 224x300 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACFor Los Alamitos homes that do not allow or simply are not built for traditional natural gas furnaces, Service Champions offers the heat pump system. It is a safe and popular heating and cooling system that is gas-free, working on refrigerant and electricity. The system incorporates a heat pump that replaces the condenser outside that is attached to an air handler as shown in the picture to the left.

Good Deeds for Free – HVAC – Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning – Los Alamitos – Orange CountyLos Alamitos air conditioning installations and furnace installations are completed in a timely manner and to your 100 percent satisfaction. If you have questions or concerns regarding your central air system or simply need an extra hand around the house, your Service Champions technicians are available always.

After the installations are complete, all garbage and old units are loaded onto our van and carried away for proper disposal and recycling. There’s no extra clean up for you after your technicians leave, making your HVAC experience as painless as possible.

Families of Los Alamitos Trust Service Champions

Condenser Training 300x201 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACLos Alamitos homes are greatly important to Service Champions. Families have trusted the experts here to deliver exceptional customer service and superior technical care. Every heating and air conditioning need of your home can be trusted to your Los Alamitos technician.

Service Champions works diligently to keep HVAC standards high. Each technician undergoes 150 hours of annual training in our own training facility. They learn and master new technologies and equipment so they can tackle any problem your central air system may have.

Aaron Anaheim Hills - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACService Champions Los Alamitos HVAC Technician – www.servicechampions.comOur technicians must also pass drug tests and background checks before servicing homes. In addition, for your security, we send you an email with the photo IDs of your technicians visiting so you know exactly who to open your doors to. We uphold every visit with the same professionalism and care.

Los Alamitos Furnace Repair and AC Maintenance

Technician with Safety Glasses Maintenance Dana Point 200x300 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACServing all maintenance needs in (city) – HVAC – www.servicechampions.com – Service Champions Heating & Air ConditioningEvery single piece within your central air system has a role in providing premier air conditioning. When there is an issue with a single item, the entire system fails to provide the best air quality to you and your family. When your feel that you central air system is not performing as it should, it is important to call in for a maintenance tune-up to resolve the issue immediately.

Los Alamitos AC maintenance with Service Champions simplifies the work you have to do. You have the convenience of having an expert care after your furnace and air conditioner. All problems are fixed prior to occurring and you are kept updated with the condition of your air system at all times.

Caring for your central air system early on provides a continuance of great results. Refilling on refrigerant, tightening motors and replacing old filters gives you a better, more efficient performance adding to home comfort and lifestyle values. You deserve the best air, why settle for less.

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Anaheim Hills Airflow technician 189x300 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACAll Los Alamitos Service Champions technicians treat every service with the same respect regardless of how minimal the issue may be – Orange CountyFurnace and AC repairs are treated with the same level of respect as full-service installations. Service Champions values each and every call and want to bring the best of HVAC to your home. We care about your health and home comfort. If you are experiencing issues with your furnace or air conditioner, Service Champions technicians can diagnose and provide practical methods to restore quality performance. To find out more about our tune-ups available, simply click here.

Choosing Service Champions Makes a Difference

Anaheim Hils Air Conditioning Service Champions 300x201 - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACThe best furnace and air conditioning unit can do wonders for you and your family, but only with the most optimal conditions for all portions of the unit. Choosing Service Champions makes all the difference in heating and air conditioning by providing the best service, installations, maintenance and repairs available.

Our technicians are concerned with the quality of air your central air system provides for your home. You have the decision to clean the air you breathe by the services you choose.

Anaheim Hills Indoor Air Quality - Los Alamitos Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACService Champions technicians fully believe in the products and services offered and have changed the households of thousands of families across Southern California. Using super filters and air cleaners together eliminate up to 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens and particles, making your home the safest and most comfortable place for everyone you love.

Experience the best with the best heating and air conditioning has to offer. Service Champions is the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider. To hear more about firsthand experiences, visit our client’s testimonials page.

Call us today.

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