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Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Laguna Woods Air Quality Brought to You by Service Champions

When the air outside of your home is cleaner than the air inside of your home, there’s a big problem. Families of Laguna Woods usually do not know that their central air system plays an important role in cleaning the air inside of their homes.

That’s what Service Champions strives to do. By utilizing your heater and air conditioner, you and your household can experience purer, more breathable air every single day of the year. With super filters and performance air cleaners, you can choose to repair your air and restore home comfort.

Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACHeating and air conditioning provided by Service Champions is different. Our furnaces and air conditioner come from a line of performance-based units that have been used by our experts in thousands of homes across Southern California. Each furnace and air conditioner caters to the size of your home and with several options available to customize your unit, you can build your new unit to fit the specific needs of your family and home.

When your Service Champions technicians arrive to your home, they are prompt and professional. You will never meet a less-than-qualified expert to service your central air system.

The Service Champions Difference

Corona Del Mar Air Conditioner Repair - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Before entering your home, your Service Champions technicians use shoe covers over their boots to prevent tracking in dirt from outdoors. Any floor area inside of your home where they work is also covered in protective plastic to catch debris and fall-out that comes from the installation process.

Anaheim Hills Air Conditioning Installation - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Furnace closet insulation Anaheim Hills 224x300 224x300 - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACFor your condenser unit outside, a condenser pad is mounted onto the ground. This provides a secure location slightly elevated from the ground, so that your condenser unit is protected from ground-level harm while being kept neatly organized.

For your furnace closet, a metal sheet is laid down before the furnace is fitted inside. With a similar function of protecting the aesthetics of your garage floor, all stains and marks are collected onto the mat instead of the floor.

For homes located in an area where traditional gas furnaces are not allowed, Service Champions has a heat pump system as an alternative. The heat pump and air handler work together to take cold air out of the home and put warm air in and vice versa. This is a safe and popular method of heating homes through electricity and refrigerant.

100% Satisfaction

Orange County Air Conditioning Repair 300x201 - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACOnce the installation has received your full 100 percent satisfaction, your Service Champions technicians collect all garbage and your old unit, loading everything into their van. Everything is taken away for proper disposal and recycling so no extra work remains for you after your technicians leave.

Laguna Woods heating installations and air conditioning installations are simple and error-free with Service Champions. When you choose to work with Service Champions, you receive up-front pricing and a projected time table, so you know exactly how long your technicians will be over and face no surprise or extra fees at the end of the job.

Laguna Woods Choose Service Champions

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As the leader in the HVAC industry, Service Champions pride themselves in their work as professionals, providing expert technical care and superior customer service. Our technicians and specialists work hard to be and stay the best there is for Laguna Woods.

Aliso Viejo Furnace Training 300x201 - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACService Champions technicians train 150 hours every single year in our own private training facility. This is a time where they update themselves with new technology and new techniques to better service your central air system.

Each team member must pass drug tests and background checks before visiting homes for service. For your added security, you receive an e-mail containing the photo of your scheduled technicians before they arrive, so you know who to expect.

Laguna Woods Furnace Repair and AC Maintenance

Aliso Viejo Furnace Maintenance1 300x225 - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACWhen your furnace or air conditioner is starting to give you problems, it’s time to call your Laguna Woods Service Champions technician to visit. Your technician evaluates your central air system for what might be wrong and practical solutions to restore optimal performance. Whether it’s tightening loose motors, refilling refrigerant or duct sealing, making small changes yields a tremendous difference in the performance of your heater and air conditioner, and ultimately, the air quality of your home.


Air Conditioning Repair Anaheim Hills Service Champions 300x201 - Laguna Woods Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACYou can trust the smallest repair to Service Champions. Our technicians know the value of one part for your central air system to be at its best. Each repair is treated with the same level of respect as a full-service installation.

For the greatest convenience, ask your Laguna Woods Service Champions technician about regularly scheduled AC maintenance. This means you have an expert monitoring the health of your heating and air conditioning, so problems are fixed before they can happen. This way, your family can experience non-stop air all year around.

Service Champions is Different

As the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider, Service Champions makes it a mission to provide families of Laguna Woods with the purest air their furnace and air conditioner can provide.

When the air inside of our homes is contaminated with pollen, allergens, dust, mold and bacteria, it’s easy to have comfort compromised but hard to notice a difference when we haven’t experienced pure air.

Service Champions makes a way for you to experience it in your home. For more insight from past clients, please visit the clients’ testimonials page.

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