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Laguna Niguel Air Conditioning & Heating Services

Laguna Niguel Air Conditioning and Heating Installations

With what Service Champions has to offer, installation of a gas furnace will take care of your home comfort needs. A beautiful line of energy-efficient furnaces guarantees a perfect fit for your home. Because each of our products has been tested by our expert technicians, the furnace you choose will give you the performance you want. If your home is in a neighborhood that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, Service Champions offers a safe alternative. Heat pumps work to take cold air out of the home and warm air in. It is a popular choice that functions solely off electricity and refrigerant.

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Ray at clients door.

The technicians at Service Champions respect your home as much as they respect their work. When your Service Champions technicians arrive, measures will be taken to protect your home. Before entering, your specialists wear shoe covers to prevent soiling the carpet or wood floors. Any areas they’ll be working in are also covered with plastic sheets to catch debris and eliminate work-related stains and damage.

With full-service furnace installations, your compressor unit is fitted atop a compressor pad that is mounted onto the ground. This pad is to keep your compressor from ground-level harm such as floods or other debris.

Once your specialists finish installing your new air conditioning or heating system, all trash including your old furnace is loaded onto their van and carried away for recycling. Because our specialists believe in investing care into your home’s central air system, there is no extra work for you. In fact, your technicians are eager to help out with anything else that you need such as chores around your home or some yard work.

Laguna Niguel Homes Built Before 1978

For Laguna Niguel homes built before 1978, your central air system may be built with asbestos ducting and outdoor vents which provide your home with “fresh air intake.” If you are concerned about the safety and health of your ducts, Service Champions technicians provide excellent ductwork and sealing which can update your central air system and its safety standards.

Also, fresh air intake systems for homes prior to 1978 bring in more pollen and allergens than more modern central air systems. If you’re unhappy with your indoor air quality and wish to have tighter control over it, ask about how your Laguna Niguel Service Champions technician can fix that for you.

Laguna Niguel heating and air conditioning installations are completed in an efficient manner. With a projected time table and up-front pricing, with us you won’t have any surprise fees or delays.

What makes us a different Laguna Niguel HVAC Service Provider?

IMG 3839Jeff Furnace1 - Laguna Niguel Air Conditioning & Heating ServicesProviding Laguna Niguel heating and air conditioning has given Service Champions a strong idea of what families here want from their central air system. Service Champions stands out from the average HVAC contractor; exceptional customer service and expert technical care make our specialists extraordinary. Our teams work with honesty and integrity, dedicated to keeping your furnace and air conditioner working for as long as possible.

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Furnace Training

Each technician who comes to your home has been trained in our very own training facility, completing a mandatory 150 hours of annual training. They master new techniques and technology to better serve your home.

Our technicians undergo drug tests and background checks. For your added security, you will receive an email with a photo of your technician so you know who to expect. But the most striking qualification our technicians have is the idea that true customer service extends beyond heating and air conditioning. This is why families of Laguna Niguel choose Service Champions and get the absolute best.

AC Repair and Furnace Repair in Laguna Niguel

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Condenser Coils After Cleaning

Service Champions technicians take every single concern of yours with the utmost respect. No matter how small or great an air conditioning repair you need, our specialists invest their entire efforts to making it work. Repairing key parts like motors, coils and filters make an enormous difference in the air quality of your home and how much you save on time and money.

Keep your air as cold as you want it by refueling on refrigerant. Get your safety limits and gas valves screened as precautions. Stay in touch with you Laguna Niguel Service Champions representative and make AC maintenance easy.

Service Champions Makes Laguna Niguel Air Extraordinary

Service Champions is the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning service provider. With highly trained professionals passionate about their work and their community, the technicians at Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning of Laguna Niguel take what is ordinary and make it extraordinary. Visit our client testimonials page to learn of your neighbors’ experience with us.

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