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Corona Del Mar Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Corona Del Mar Air Conditioning, Heating & Repairs – HVAC

Corona del Mar Air Conditioning Services

As the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider, we here at Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning have made it our mission to let families of Corona del Mar in on the secret to clean and healthy air. Your home’s central air conditioning works hard to bring you well-conditioned air but it’s also a tool that can be used to clean and purify the air inside of your home.

Our call centers are open 24-hours, every day in order to provide you with the help you need to stay satisfied at home. Service Champions technicians can help you protect the air you breathe and elevate the level of home comfort and lifestyle of your house. To ensure the top-most quality of heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality, it starts with the service.

Have your air conditioning and heating evaluated and maintained by a certified professional in the HVAC industry. Read more to see how Service Champions technicians overpass all other technicians in the industry.

Proper AC Maintenance for Corona del Mar Homes

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning delivers high quality customer service to each and every Corona del Mar home. Our technicians take the time to thoroughly evaluate and provide you the necessary steps to maintain the health of your central air conditioning.

Our technicians have serviced a diverse range of air conditioners with different problems. Here are some of the more frequent issues we run into:

  • Dirty filters that lead to polluted air quality.
  • Overflow of the drip pans lead to microbiological growth.
  • Low refrigerant levels lead to poorly conditioned air.
  • Faulty electric wiring and burnt motors lead to systems breaking down.

If these issues are not treated, they can evolve into a major issue, leading to costly air conditioning repairs and replacements. Regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning can prevent these heavy damages from occurring.

Precision Air Conditioning and Precision Heating Tune-ups

Many common issues associated with your heating and air conditioning can be avoided with a regular maintenance cycle. To elongate the performance of your central air conditioning, we offer a 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up that aims to restore, sanitize, and elevate the performance of your unit.

In comparison to the air conditioning tune-up, we also offer an 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up that keeps your system running all year long. As part of your tune-up, your Service Champions technician will thoroughly evaluate all essential parts of your central air system and inform you of the best treatments.

We aim to provide you a memorable and unique service so you are always satisfied with your air quality. We will never leave your home unless you are 100 percent satisfied.

AC Repairs Designed to Maximize Air Quality

We are always punctual and arrive to your home with fully stocked trucks to start working immediately to return your air conditioning to a working order.

Prior to entering your home, your technician will always slip on shoe covers to prevent dirt from being tracked in. In addition to that, we give a thorough explanation of exactly what we will be working on with upfront pricing before any work begins so there are no surprises.

If you detect that your central air system is in need of attention, have us over to take a look. We provide an honest evaluation and practical methods in restoring its health.

Raising the Standard for Your Home

To remain California’s preferred HVAC contractor, we work hard to keep families breathing healthy air and maintain efficient central air systems. We are known for our expert technical care and superior customer service.

Every year, as technicians, we train for 150 hours in our own training facility. We learn of new technology developing in the HVAC industry and master the most advanced techniques. This is how you know when we come to your home to service your central air system it is being treated with the newest and best methods possible.

Specialists and technicians alike must pass drug tests and background checks before servicing your home. For your added protection, before we come for your scheduled appointment, you receive an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians so you know who to expect.

Corona del Mar AC Installations and Heating Installations

Our technicians have already earned the trust of Corona del Mar families through reliable, extraordinary customer service each and every visit. We care about the air you are breathing in and share with your loved ones.

Service Champions offers a sleek line of performance-based furnaces and air conditioners, each model and make is built to bring superior air conditioning for your home. With buildable add-on options to meet specific needs of your family and lifestyle, we can help you achieve the perfect central air system.

Make the choice you won’t regret. Choose Service Champions for all of your heating and air conditioning needs.

The Service Champions Way

With your new furnace and air conditioner, you also get premier customer service from our specialized installation teams. We take the time to make sure these essential steps are always completed prior to your installation:

  • Floor Covering – any floor areas where we work are covered to catch any fall-out and debris and to preserve the aesthetics of your home floors.
  • Protective Layers to Attic Entries – if your attic entry point is located within a closet, we make sure to cover your belongings with a protective layer.
  • Elevated Condenser Pad – we securely mount a condenser pad onto the ground and then fit your condenser on top. It keeps the compressor from ground-level harm while keeping it organized from other backyard activities and furniture.

Noise Cancellation

Your furnace is either kept in the furnace closet inside of your home, in the attic, or in an alcove of the garage. With placements in the garage and closet, we lay out a metal mat before installing the furnace. The metal mat is an important addition in the Corona del Mar heating installation because it catches all staining and residue that accumulate naturally during the lifespan of furnace use. Whenever you decide to replace your furnace or remove it, the metal sheet can easily be detached leaving your original home floors scathe-free.

Another part of your Corona del Mar heating installation is insulation to all surrounding walls of the furnace closet or garage alcove. The insulation diminishes a substantial amount of noise that is produced while the central air system is running. Homes with insulated furnaces have experienced greater home comfort because of this simple extra step we at Service Champions provide.


Our Corona del Mar air conditioning and heating program is the simplest way to enjoy perfect air each day. You have the comfort of a Service Champions expert monitoring your central air system all year long so you can have the air inside your home conditioned how you want it, without a worry.

A Heating Alternative for Your Home

If your home is in a part of Corona del Mar that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, we offer a smart alternative. The heat pump split system is a safe gas-free method of heating and cooling your home. The heat pump split system functions on electricity and the refrigeration process and is composed of two parts: the heat pump and air handler, both of which we install on site. The air handler is shown in the image to the left.

We work for your 100 percent satisfaction and strive to make your experience with us one that is enjoyable and painless. With upfront pricing and a projected time-table, you know exactly when we’re in and out of your home with no delays or surprise costs.

Service Champions Wants to Help You Breathe Clean Air

By using an intelligent blend of air cleaners and super filters, up to 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens and particles can be eliminated in your home. Provide the best air for your family and friends.

To hear more about clients’ firsthand experiences, we encourage you to visit our clients’ testimonials page.

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