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Aliso Viejo Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Aliso Viejo Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Service Champions Has What Aliso Viejo Wants

As the premier heating and air conditioning contractors of Southern California, Service Champions knows a thing or two about superior quality air and how to get the most out of your home’s central air system.

Everybody desires clean, breathable air. But did you know that your furnace and air conditioning plays a huge role in doing just that? Service Champions has utilized the most practical method of purifying air inside of your home.

Families all around have experienced the difference that comes with Service Champions. By utilizing power filters and air cleaners, airborne pathogens and particles are eliminated, leaving your indoor air quality at its absolute best.

The Service Champions Way

Each and every home has a different need and because so, Service Champions offers a diversified line of furnaces and air conditioners. Each furnace and AC system is energy-efficient, productive and space-saving. They are also customizable to meet individualized needs.

The best part of choosing a furnace and air conditioner with Service Champions is the expert care you get from our technicians.

Your Service Champions technicians arrive on time to you home ready to work. Before even entering your home, they cover their boots with shoe covers to prevent tracking in dirt, soiling your floors. Any floor area where they work inside your home is also lined with protective plastic covering to catch any debris and fall-out that occurs during their work and the installation process.

Aliso Viejo Air Conditioning Installations and Heating Installations

Aliso Viejo Air Conditioning Condenser Pad 300x200 - Aliso Viejo Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC
Your air conditioning component includes a condenser which is usually somewhere outside in the backyard. Before working on the condenser, your Service Champions technicians mount a condenser pad securely onto the ground, neatly tucked away from all other backyard furniture. This condenser pad (seen in the image to the left) is an elevated platform that is bolted down into the ground. What it does is act as a pedestal for the condenser unit.

The condenser pad protects the condenser from ground-level harm that can come from everyday activities or flooding. Since it is kept in one designated spot, it is kept out of the way, maximizing backyard space while keeping the condenser organized.

The furnace can be installed in two different places. It can be installed inside the furnace closet or outside in the garage. To our right is an example of an installation in a garage.

The furnace is surrounded by a metal mat that serves as a barrier between the furnace itself and the base where your furnace sits. During the lifespan of your furnace use, many stains and spots may accumulate, but all of it is captured on the metal sheet mat. Whenever you decide to move the furnace or replace it, the garage floor is clean without any damages.

Gas Furnace Alternative in Aliso Viejo

Areas of Aliso Viejo may not allow traditional gas furnaces. These homes, along with those who prefer a gas-free alternative, have the option of the heat pump system. This system is comprised of heat pump and the air handler which work together to take cold air out of the house and put hot air back in. The image on the left is what an air handler looks like inside of a furnace closet in a home. Notice the insulated walls, this helps reduce noise when the unit is running.

The heat pump system functions on electricity and refrigerant and is a popular alternative choice to heating and air conditioning homes.

Aliso Viejo Gets Air Conditioning Experts with Service Champions

Service Champions technicians are diligent to earn the trust and respect of thousands of families. They work and train hard to bring superior customer service and expert technical care.

Each technician trains for 150 hours in our own training facility, learning of new techniques and technology within the HVAC industry. This is so that when they visit your home, they can take on any challenge your central air system might have with the most advanced methods.

Aliso Viejo Furnace Training 300x201 - Aliso Viejo Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC
All members must pass drug tests and background checks before visiting homes. For your added security, before your scheduled appointment, you receive an email containing the photo IDs of the technicians visiting so you know who to open your doors to.

Aliso Viejo AC Maintenance and Furnace Repair

Aliso Viejo furnace repairs and AC repairs are important to Service Champions because the smallest parts make the greatest difference when it comes to air quality and performance.

If you think your central air system needs some help, have your Aliso Viejo Service Champions technician visit for a diagnosis.

One visit can make all the difference from ordinary air to pure, breathable air. Simple steps such as refilling refrigerant levels, tightening motors and replacing dirty filters make an impact on the air you breathe inside of your home.

Aliso Viejo AC maintenance with Service Champions is the easiest and most convenient way to keep your central air system at its peak performance. You have an expert caring after your heating and air conditioning so you can enjoy the kind of air you want all year long without any concerns.

Helping Aliso Viejo Out in Any Way Possible

Service Champions technicians strive to provide the absolute best experience in heating and air conditioning and work for your complete and total satisfaction.

While you have your Service Champions technicians with you, feel free to ask of them anything you would like. Whether you have concerns about your central air system and air quality or just need an extra hand around the house, they are more than willing to help out wherever you might need them.

After the installation is complete, your technicians gather all garbage and old units, loading all of it onto their van. Everything is carried away off-site for proper disposal and recycling. There is no extra clean-up for you.

With up-front pricing and a projected time-table, you know exactly when your technicians arrive and leave with no surprise fees or costs.

Indoor Air Quality In Aliso Viejo

Unfortunately, most people do not realize that the air outside of their homes is cleaner than the air they breathe inside of their homes. The air inside homes is often filled with airborne particles like dust, dander, pollen, allergens and airborne pathogens such as harmful gasses and vapors, bacteria and microbiological growth.

Taking steps to fight against these harmful particles is a smart choice and one that is made easy with Service Champions. By combining super filters and air cleaners (an AirScrubber as shown in the image above), you can eliminate up to 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens and particles and breathe clean, healthy air every single day.

Feel the difference in home comfort and lifestyle with extraordinary air.

Service Champions Makes Aliso Viejo Extraordinary

Air Conditioning Service in Aliso Viejo 300x201 - Aliso Viejo Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC
Families are unaware of the kind of potential hidden inside of their central air system.

Your heating and air conditioning system is a great tool that you can choose to use to control the quality of air you get—not just whether it’s hot or cold, but in terms of cleanliness and purity.

To hear more about clients’ experiences, we encourage you to visit our clients’ testimonials page. Service Champions is the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider and we’re always available to help.

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