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West Covina Air Conditioning & Heating – HVAC

West Covina HVAC Contractor

Trust the best with a personalized visit from your West Covina Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning technician. We are the only Diamond Certified HVAC contractor in Southern California. Our technicians have been working on thousands of homes, repairing the indoor air quality families breathe every single day.

With superior customer service and expert technical care, you can change the atmosphere of your home with Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in West Covina.

What Makes us Different?

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 300x201 14 - West Covina Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACBefore your technician arrives to your home, you’ll receive an e-mail containing his photo ID so you know exactly who to expect.

Our teams at Service Champions work day and night to bring you the best quality services and products. Families of West Covina have experienced the difference our technicians bring to their homes:

  • Improving the indoor air quality of their homes
  • Performance of their central air systems

TechTraining0 191 300x201 7 - West Covina Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACEach of our technicians passed a drug test and backgrounds check. Every year, they put in over 150 hours of training in our very own training facility. They master new technology and techniques, constantly learning of new developments in the HVAC industry. Most importantly, they make sure that what they do for your furnace and air conditioning is part superior customer service.

West Covina AC Repair and AC Installation

TechTraining0 32 300x200 7 - West Covina Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACKeeping your central air system in its best form is important in preserving indoor air quality. This means the better and healthier your furnace is, the better and healthier your home’s air will be. Maintaining the health of your air conditioner is simple with regular scheduled AC maintenance.

Your Service Champions technicians can discover problems before they happen and resolve issues with every single visit. This eliminates any chance of your air conditioning failing when you need it the most.

If you’re finding that your air conditioner is under performing, your West Covina Service Champions representative provides a thorough diagnosis upon visiting. An honest evaluation yields several options of AC repair or replacement.

Before and After2 5 - West Covina Air Conditioning & Heating – HVAC

West Covina air conditioning installation is a full-service job. With up-front pricing and a precise work schedule, you won’t find any surprise fees or delays. Our technicians work efficiently and carefully, making no errors in installation to get you the results you want.

Heating Installation and Furnace Repair in West Covina

Ray801 300x225 17 - West Covina Air Conditioning & Heating – HVACChoosing to replace your furnace with one that is provided by Service Champions means that you are getting the best selection there is. Screened by our expert technicians and handled with care, your new furnace is energy-efficient and buildable to fit the needs of your home.

Furnace repair for your West Covina home by the experts of Service Champions gets you absolutely no mistakes and 100 percent satisfaction. Our technicians are completely confident in their ability to make the most of your furnace repairs and heating installation.

Heat Pump or Gas Furnace?

If your home is one that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, Service Champions offers an alternative. Heat pump systems consist of a heat pump and an air handler which work to take cold air out of the house and warm air in. It is an alternative to gas furnaces that runs solely on electricity and refrigerant.

Whether it’s a full-service installation or a single-part replacement, our technicians value each visit and job. That’s because they take great pride in their work and provided services.

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