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Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Air Conditioning Repair for Santa Fe Springs by Service Champions

Recognized for our excellent customer service and expert technical care, we have helped thousands of California homes and families with all their needs in heating and air conditioning. Starting from our friendly customer service representatives in the call center, we can help you schedule your Santa Fe Springs air conditioning repair or tune-up at a time most fit for you.

Santa Fe Springs heating repairs and AC repairs are a smart way to keep your central air system as healthy as possible, extending its performance lifetime and quality. We even have a system dedicated to purifying the air inside of your home so excellent air is always available.

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Santa Fe Springs Heating and AC Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance11 300x268 20 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACThe central air system in your home needs proper and regular maintenance to keep quality from dropping. Up to half of all repairs and replacements can be easily avoided with consistent maintenance. Many times when we evaluate furnaces and air conditioners without routine tune-ups, we find the same reoccurring issues:

Monrovia Fried Capacitor 224x300 5 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Fried Capacitor

  • Poorly conditioned air resulting from low levels of refrigerant.
  • Low air quality marked by airborne particles and irritants from dirty filters.
  • System shut-down from faulty electrical work or burnt motors.
  • Microbiological growth stemming from flooded drip pans and untended evaporator coils.

When these conditions are continually neglected, it usually results in a costly repair or replacement to your central air system. With the attention of a preferred HVAC contractor through Service Champions’ air conditioning and heating maintenance, the health of your central air system is restored and elongated.

Microbiological Growth Hawaiian Gardens e1433857538290 4 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Microbiological Growth

26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up

Corona Del Mar Condenser Coils 1 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

By keeping your central air conditioning and heating maintained, you can eliminate up to half of all repairs and maximize the efficiency of your home air. For the convenience of Santa Fe Spring families, we have designed two tune-up programs with Peace of Mind Guarantees.

Foothill Ranch Clogged Blower Wheel e1433857633171 8 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Clogged Blower Wheel – Before

Our 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-up covers 26 crucial points to restore the health, performance quality and sanitation of your air conditioner. To complement, our 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up ensures that your furnace remains as strong as it can to deliver air conditioning all year long. The photograph displayed to the upper left shows a clogged blower wheel prior to our visit. If you have household pets, this is a common issue that reoccurs for homeowners.

Foothill Ranch Cleaned Blower Wheel1 4 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Clean Blower Wheel – After

Clearing the blower wheel is just one step out of 18 that we focus on to get your heater back in top notch condition. Our technicians take the time and effort to make sure the air circulating within your home is clean without disturbances. Both programs are designed to prevent repairs and replacements while keeping your central air system in its best form possible.

Santa Fe Springs Heating Repairs and AC Repairs

Technician with shoe covers in Dana Point home 205x300 e1433819554520 1 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACTo make your experience with us one that is hassle-free, we put in extra effort to make it more convenient for you. Scheduling Service Champions for your next Santa Fe Springs air conditioning repair or furnace repairs means that:

  • We arrive to your home on time and pull shoe covers over our boots before entering your home.
  • There is no need for a second appointment because all of our technicians’ trucks are fully prepared with equipment necessary for any repair.
  • We explain what we will do before we do it and provide upfront pricing.
  • We repair all air conditioning and heating systems.

During the maintenance call we may discover new problems. For these, we provide honest and practical solutions for you to choose. We never leave your home unless you are 100 percent satisfied with our visit.

Technician Explaining to Client in Dana Point e1433857799980 10 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

The Service Champions Standard

TechTraining0 191 12 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

We are the only Los Angeles County Diamond Certified heating and air conditioning provider and we assure you that Aaron Air Conditioning - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACwhen we service your central air system, it is being treated with the most advanced methods available.

Our technicians spend 150 hours training in our private facility each year. Through hands-on training, new techniques and technology are perfected to deliver superior care each and every time.

All team members pass drug tests and background checks prior to ever servicing your home. For your added protection, we send an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your technicians prior to your scheduled appointment. These extra safety measurements are taken to ensure your experience with us is one-of-a-kind and memorable.

Santa Fe Springs Heating Installations and AC Installations

Corona Del Mar AC Condensers e1433696337405 3 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACWhen the time comes to replace your old furnace or old air conditioning for a new one, we have a special selection available.

Our furnaces and condensers are energy-efficient, space-saving and buildable to meet the exact needs of your home and family. We listen to the needs of your home lifestyle so the optimal central air system you get is the one that fits you.

A Perfect Installation

Our method for Santa Fe Springs air conditioning installations include several additional steps that ensure the most proper installation.

Corona Del Mar Air Conditioner Repair 11 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

AC Installation in Hawaiian Gardens 218x300 4 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACAny floor areas where we work inside of your home are covered with drop cloths to capture all debris that accumulate during the installation process. It also provides a one-step method to clean-up so that your floors are left clean after we finish.

Additionally, any installation that requires attic access involves us completely protecting all surrounding areas to the attic entry point. These protective layers safeguard your personal belongings and your home.

Santa Fe Springs air conditioning installations include a condenser pad for the condenser component. Situated outside, the condenser pad is a platform mounted onto the ground. The condenser is then fitted onto it and is protected from ground-level harm such as floodwaters and yard waste. As seen in the photograph, this extra level of protection maximizes the lifespan of your central air conditioning.

Noise Reduction

Furnace Closet Insulation in Hawaiian Gardens 200x300 200x300 2 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACEach and every Service Champions furnace installation comes packaged with specific free of charge additions to bring you the best in heating and air conditioning. For all furnace installations, we provide a metal sheet mat to line the flooring of either the garage alcove or furnace closet in which it is kept.

Full Furnace Install in Santa Fe Springs 194x300 1 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACThe metal mat is a buffer that collects staining which naturally occurs throughout the lifespan of the furnace when it is in use. This foundation keeps your home floors pristine and spotless.

Furnace installations also come packaged with insulation where we completely insulate the surrounding walls for noise-cancellation. The furnace produces some noise naturally while in use, so to combat this issue, we insulate the walls to help diminish what is audible, adding to your home comfort.

Clean, fresh air and home comfort are important to you, so they are important to us. Every additional step we can take to make your home living better, is a step we are gladly willing to take.

A Different Way to Heat Your Home

Foothill Ranch Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 159x300 4 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Air Handler

For Santa Fe Springs homes that are located in an area where the use of natural gas furnaces are prohibited, we offer a smart and popular alternative. The heat pump split system is an electrical method of heating and cooling. The two-part system is composed of the heat pump and air handler which we install on-site. Shown to the right is the air handler which replaces the furnace located inside of your home.

Once your installation is completed to your satisfaction, we collect all old materials to load onto our truck where it is later properly recycled or disposed of. We accommodate to all of your HVAC needs and requirements.

Clean Air, the Service Champions’ Way

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 15 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVAC

Once you have had your air conditioning or furnace tune-up and your central air system is in excellent working condition, the next step would be to add an air filtration or purification system.

PureAir Air Quality in Hawaiian Gardens 300x200 3 - Santa Fe Springs Air Conditioning Repairs & Heating – HVACWe use a combination of enhanced filters and air cleaners that attach to your central air system. This is an efficient method of cleaning your air while conditioning it without any additional effort on your part.

If you would like to learn more about indoor air quality products, click here.

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