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Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Clean Your Air with Service Champions

Everyone deserves pure, clean air free of bacteria, mold and allergens. Finding a way to achieve that kind of air is easier than you may think. Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in Norwalk uses the furnaces and air conditioners to clean the air inside of your home. We provide only the best quality of central air conditioning for all Norwalk homes.

Most people do not know that the air outside of their home is cleaner than what’s available inside. This means that we’ve been breathing in airborne particles that cause discomfort and trigger allergy and asthma. Thankfully, Service Champions technicians has serviced thousands of homes across Southern California, and by using power filters and air cleaners, we have made it possible to breathe clean, fresh air every single day.

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Read more to see what makes Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning in Norwalk different than other HVAC contractors.

Norwalk Heating Installations and Air Conditioning Installations

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 22 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC Service Champions provides Norwalk homes the option to make the easiest smart decision for your home. Your new furnace with Service Champions means you get the expert technical care and superior customer service that comes with it. This makes all the difference in the performance of your new central air system. Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACTechnicians will always arrive promptly to your home. We give you a courtesy reminder call to let you know we are on the way as well. All technicians are trained to make distinctive choices to protect your home property. Before entering your house, technicians wear shoe covers over their boots to prevent tracking in dirt or damaging your floor.

Any floor areas where our technicians work inside your home is also covered with protective plastic to catch debris and fall-out that happen during the installation process. We take great pride in servicing your home and will go to great lengths to maintain the cleanliness.

We understand that your home is important to you and we want to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible so that the job is finished correctly on the first time out. Service Champions wants to provide a fast and stress-free experience with all our customers.

Air Conditioner Repair in La Palma 17 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Norwalk Air Conditioning and Furnace Options

La Palma Air Conditioning Installation 300x2001 300x200 4 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACAir Conditioning Installation in Norwalk – Condenser Pad – www.servicechampions.com/los-angeles-county/norwalk-air-conditioning-repair-heating-hvac/For your condenser located outside, we mount a condenser pad securely to the floor right underneath the unit. This provides a safe, designated area onto which the condenser is fitted. The condenser pad provides an elevated platform that protects the condenser from ground-level harm and keeps it neatly organized in your backyard.

Furnace Closet Installation La Palma 224x300 11 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACFor the furnace closet, a metal mat is used to cover the entire floor to catch stains that occur during the lifespan of furnace use. If you ever need to move the furnace, the garage floor is as clean as it was before the initial installation. We install metal mats for furnaces located both inside the home and in the garage. No matter the location of your furnace, it will always be well protected to prolong its lifespan.

Service Champions is also the only HVAC company that takes the time and effort to insulate all the walls of where the furnace is located. These walls are insulated with what is called duct board which reduces the noise generated by the furnace when in use. This is to help maintain the ultimate comfort level for you and your family.

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Gas Furnace Alternatives

Air Handler in Rosemead 159x300 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Air Handler

If your Norwalk home is in an area that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, Service Champions offers an alternative. The image in the left is an air handler which is a gas furnace alternative. The air handler is connected to the heat pump which sits outside of your home and replaces the condenser. With a gas furnace alternative, you can have a heated home through electricity and refrigerant, eliminating any source of gas-fueled heating. Heat pump systems are a popular choice for these kinds of homes.

Only after your 100 percent complete satisfaction will your Service Champions technicians collect all garbage and your old furnace or air conditioner and load everything onto the van. The van carries the garbage off-site for proper disposal and recycling.

Air conditioning installations and heating installations for Norwalk homes is made easy with Service Champions. You are provided with a projected time table and up-front pricing, so there are no delays or surprise costs.

Norwalk Families Choose Service Champions

Service Champions wants to make every heating and air conditioning experience a memorable one. That’s why our technicians work hard to make themselves the best there is among many HVAC contractors. TechTraining0 191 12 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC Every single year, the specialists and experts of Service Champions train for 150 hours in our own private training facility. They learn new techniques, update themselves with new technology and share ideas on how to provide better services. Aaron Air Conditioning - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACService Champions Norwalk HVAC Technician – www.servicechampions.comBefore visiting homes for service, each technician must pass drug tests and background checks. For your added security, you are provided with a photo ID of the technician visiting your home, so you know who to open your doors to. All of our technicians are trained professionals who operate on your air conditioning and furnace unit with the correct safety precautions.

Norwalk Heating Repair and Air Conditioning Repair

Technician with Safety Glasses Maintenance 200x300 2 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACEach part of your central air system contributes to the production of well-conditioned air that has been purified through its filter. When one part is in need of care or attention, call your Norwalk Service Champions specialists to take a closer look. An evaluation provides you with practical solutions to the problems it has.

Whether it’s tightening loose motors, replacing filters or refilling refrigerant, each step is important. That’s why Service Champions technicians equate a single-part repair the same as a full-service installation. Every visit no matter the issue, is important to us and to you.

For the best care for your central air system, it is wise to regularly schedule AC maintenance with your Service Champions specialist. Having an expert look after your heating and air conditioning means problems are prevented before they lead to expensive repairs. Maintaining your unit also means enjoying the highest air quality every single day.

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Anaheim Hills 2 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

The Difference of Choosing Service Champions

Air Conditioning Indoor Air Quality - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACFamilies who choose Service Champions know the difference that comes with choosing the only Diamond Certified heating and air conditioning provider in Southern California. As the leader in the HVAC industry, Service Champions makes it our mission to reach out to the families of Southern California, repairing and providing the quality air they breathe each day.

Air Conditioning Heating Service Champions 300x201 - Norwalk Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACExperience the utmost in home comfort through your heating and air conditioning. When you build the strength of your central air system with performance air cleaners and super filters, you eliminate 99.9 percent of airborne particles that your family would otherwise breathe in each night and day.

With the expert technical care and incomparable customer service of the technicians, Service Champions is an obvious choice to any household desiring extraordinary results from their central air system.

Call us today, we are ready to serve you.

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