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Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Quality Air Distributed by Service Champions

Every family in Southern California wants a great functioning central air system that produces the air they want when they want it. But many families do not know that their central air system is an important part of cleaning the air inside of the home. The air outside is oftentimes cleaner than what is available inside and depending on the quality of your furnace and air conditioner, the air you breathe inside can be pure or filled with allergens, bacteria and mold.

The experts at Service Champions realize how powerful your central air system can be, so they strive to bring you the best in heating and air conditioning. Using air cleaners and super filters to capture dust and airborne particles, Service Champions makes it possible for your current furnace to be built up stronger.

Lakewood Air Conditioning and Heating Installations

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 300x201 14 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACIf you decide to replace your air conditioner or heater, Service Champions offers a line of smart choices for you to consider. Each furnace is energy-efficient and space-saving and with the many options Service Champions hosts, you can customize your furnace to meet specific needs of your home.

Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACWhen your Service Champions technicians arrive to your home with your new furnace or air conditioner, they are prompt and professional. With the health of your family and your home in mind, they make measures to protect your home from any potential damage that come with the installation process.

Your experts wear boot covers over their shoes before entering your home to prevent tracking in dirt. The floor of any part of your home that they work in is covered in protective plastic to catch debris and fall out during the installation.

Carrying For Your AC System

Condenser Pad 9 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Furnace Closet Installation La Palma 8 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACThe outdoor space where your condenser usually stays first has a condenser pad mounted securely onto the ground. This provides a safe, organized area for your condenser and keeps it elevated from the ground to prevent any harm that comes from ground level.

Likewise, the closet in which your furnace is placed is also first carpeted with a metal mat to catch stains that may build up during the lifespan of furnace use.

No Gas Furnace in Lakewood?

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 12 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVAC

Air Handler

If your home is in a neighborhood that does not allow traditional gas furnaces, but you are looking for a way to heat your home, Service Champions offers an alternative.

A heat pump will work to take cold air out of the home and the air handler, pictured to the left, will work to bring warm air in. This is an alternate process to your gas furnace. It is a gas-free method of heating, using only electricity and refrigerant. Heat pump systems are a popular method for homes of this kind.

What Makes Us Different

Zoning Control System 300x201 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACOnce you are satisfied with your Lakewood heating or air conditioning installation, your Service Champions technicians collect all garbage including your old furnace or air conditioner. Your old unit and all garbage are loaded onto their van and carried away for proper disposal and recycling so no extra work or clean-up remains for you.

Furnace Installation Anaheim Hills1 300x186 8 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACThe Lakewood Service Champions technicians and experts care about what your central air system is doing for your home and family. They try to make every installation as painless as possible, doing as much as they can for you every step of the way.

When you decide to work with Service Champions, you are provided with up-front pricing estimate and a projected time table so there are no extra fees or delays to surprise you.

Service Champions Works for the Families of Lakewood

TechTraining0 191 300x201 7 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACThe technicians are Service Champions are recognized for their e. pert technical care and superior customer service. They work hard to make themselves the leaders of the HVAC industry.

TechTraining0 32 300x200 7 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACOur specialists train for 150 hours every single year in our own private training facility. They learn new techniques and technology that equips them to better service your central air system.

Each technician passes drug tests and background checks before servicing the families of Southern California. For your added security, through e-mail, you are provided with a photo ID of your technicians before they arrive so you know who to expect.

Lakewood AC Maintenance and Furnace Repairs

Ray801 300x225 17 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACYour furnace and air conditioner deserve to be taken care of. Entrusting them to the technicians of Service Champions is a smart decision. Regularly scheduled AC maintenance makes it simple and convenient to have your home thermostat where you want it at all times. With an expert looking after the health of your central air system, HVAC problems are fixed before they can happen.

If you feel that your furnace or air conditioner needs some help or is under-performing, have your Lakewood Service Champions technician visit for a diagnosis. A thorough evaluation provides honest results and your technician can talk to you about practical solutions to restore your central air system.

Service Champions technicians respect a small repair as much as a full-service installation. This is because they know how important one part is to the entire system. You can trust your technician for the best technical care no matter how small the job and expect the kind of air you want for your home.

Difference in Choosing Service Champions

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Lakewood Air Conditioning Repair & Heating – HVACService Champions technicians have earned the trust of thousands of homes across Southern California. Their concern for poor air quality has driven them further than before, reaching out to families and providing a way to breathe absolutely pure air inside their houses.

Utilizing a combination of power filters and performance air cleaners eliminates 99.9 percent of airborne particles like mold, bacteria, dust and pollen. Every home serviced by Service Champions has experienced fresher, cleaner air and health improvements such as fewer allergy attacks.

The technicians and specialists of Service Champions are trained for one thing only: to bring you expert technical care and customer service in heating and air conditioning. As the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider, Service Champions continues to lead the HVAC industry with incomparable products and services. Experience the home comfort thousands of Service Champions’ homes already have. To hear more about Service Champions in your neighborhood, we encourage you to visit our clients’ testimonials page.

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