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East Whittier Air Conditioning & Heating

East Whittier Air Conditioning HVAC


All East Whittier air conditioning and heating service is best left to the experts who are trained to deliver exceptional HVAC. Thousands of homes and families trust us because we lead in:

  1. Air conditioning repair in Whittier.
  2. Expert technical care.
  3. Superior customer service.


Our technicians are your friendly resource for accurate information, precise central air care and expert advice.


East Whittier AC Service for Every Home

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Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is a full-service HVAC provider in Los Angeles and Orange Counties. We personalize East Whittier HVAC service to meet the specific needs of your home. Service Champions technicians deliver:

  1. Air conditioner repairs and heating repairs
  2. Air conditioner installations and heating installations
  3. Cleaning solutions for high indoor air quality
  4. Systems for elevating air conditioning efficiency
  5. Maintenance for heating and air conditioning
  6. Zoning
  7. Attic Insulation
  8. Air conditioner and furnace units


Air Conditioner Contractor in East Whittier


Service Champions technicians are experts for good reason. Each East Whittier AC contractor trains for 150 hours annually in our private facility. Yearly training allows us to learn the newest methods of care available in the HVAC industry, which means that air conditioning repair East Whittier receives is always advanced and efficient.

For your peace of mind, we pass drug tests and background checks. We also send you an e-mail containing the photo IDs of your repair team members so you know whom to expect prior to their arrival.


East Whittier Air Conditioner Service and AC Maintenance

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Our East Whittier air conditioning service is a step ahead. We recommend heating maintenance and air conditioning maintenance for all homes to prevent costly repairs and permanent damages.

Regular air conditioner tune-ups, twice a year, take care of problems such as:

  1. Low indoor air quality caused by dirty air filters.
  2. Poor air conditioning as a result of falling refrigerant supply.
  3. Microbiological growth from stagnant water in drip pans.
  4. Irregular or unreliable system performance caused by worn parts and general uncleanliness.


We have two maintenance programs for East Whittier:

  1. 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up
  2. 18-Point Furnace Precision Tune-Up


Air conditioning tune-up and heating tune-up allows for a trained professional to evaluate the condition of the furnace and air conditioner, scope out potential problems before they occur and recommend necessary repairs.

The air conditioner maintenance and furnace tune-up includes:

  1. Intensive cleaning of the unit
  2. Air filter care
  3. Safety tests and measures
  4. Metrics evaluation to ensure proper performance


The AC tune-up and furnace maintenance come with our Peace of Mind Guarantee, promising total satisfaction with service.


East Whittier AC Repairs


Service Champions technicians are committed to delivering superior air conditioning service in East Whittier with exceptional customer care. We put your interests first and do everything we can to reach your air care goals. You can count on each East Whittier air conditioner contractor to:

  1. Respect you, your home and your time. We arrive on time, prepared, and wear shoe covers to keep home floors clean. We keep to a schedule so the rest of your day is not compromised.
  2. Communicate with you and answer all your questions and concerns. We demonstrate using repair parts and photographs for your full understanding.
  3. Repair all heating and air conditioning systems with complete professionalism and technical service.


East Whittier air conditioning contractors drive fully stocked trucks so they can attend to any surprise heating repair East Whittier needs.


Reliable Air Conditioning in East Whittier


As the leader in East Whittier AC service, we are proud to deliver some of the most efficient and intelligent air conditioners and furnaces available.

Your technician works with you to assess the needs of your home so we build a central air system that works for you. We take into consideration the:

  1. Build and size of the home
  2. Location and surroundings of the home, such as trees and other structures
  3. Age and condition of the existing central air system
  4. Specific goals, such as elevating indoor air quality or energy efficiency


The Air Conditioning Installation East Whittier Wants


The most important day for the central air system is the day it is installed. Service Champions technicians have a process that ensures total success for every air conditioning and heating installation East Whittier needs.

Before the installation begins, we cover the home floor with drop cloth to keep debris from collecting in your home.

For each heating installation East Whittier furnace closets are first lined with a metal mat. The furnace is then fitted on top. The mat keeps the floor clean, guarding it from residue that may accumulate from the furnace over time.

The walls that surround the furnace are also insulated and work as a noise-cancelling device. It helps keep noise to a minimum while the system is running.

For air conditioning installations, we use a condenser pad beneath the condenser unit. The elevation protects the condenser from harm such as water, waste and other obstruction.


Personalized Air Conditioner Service in East Whittier


We know that no two homes are alike, which is why our service reflects those differences. Heating service in East Whittier is available even for homes that are disallowed traditional gas furnaces. We do this by assembling a heat pump split system instead.

The heat pump split system operates via electricity, complying with these special restrictions. Your air conditioning contractor in East Whittier explains everything you need to know about operating and maintaining your new central air systems.


HVAC in East Whittier


Our honest HVAC service in East Whittier and extended experience results in high quality heating and air conditioning that is both reliable and consistent.

From heating repairs to installations, your new favorite air conditioning contractor in East Whittier is available to make your home a more comfortable and enjoyable place.

To have us for your East Whittier air conditioning, contact one of our friendly representatives in the call center or schedule an appointment online.