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Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

Clean Air for Claremont Homes

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning brings the best air quality straight into your home. We have been working with families of Claremont to repair the indoor air quality. Our technicians want to strengthen the filters inside your central air system and use performance air cleaners for additional cleaning so you have healthy, clean air to breathe.

For some Claremont homes, the air inside has very little ventilation and a fresh supply of air, making it prone to collecting invisible toxins, bacteria and particles. In fact, the air outside of our homes is often times cleaner than the air inside of our homes. The only filtration the air inside receives is when the heating or air conditioning is in use.

Furnace repairs and AC maintenance play a role in quality conditioning as well. Entrust them to your Claremont Service Champions technician and you will not be disappointed with the results. Give us a call today, our representatives are ready to serve you.

We differ from other HVAC contactors by holding ourselves to the highest standard. Read more to see the Service Champions standard of service.

Best Quality Air for Your Claremont Home

Ray Susan Handshake Leftside.1 300x201 14 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACService Champions brings guaranteed fresh, pure, breathable air into the comfort of your home. Our technicians are known for their expert technical care and superior customer service skills.

Service Champions Aliso Viejo HVAC technician 213x300 5 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACWe arrive to your home with a fully stocked truck, ready for any situation that may arise from your heating and air conditioning system.

Before we even enter into your home, our technicians wear protective coverings over the feet to prevent tracking in any dirt and scrapings into your home. Any extra equipment we bring in is cleaned up post-installation so that no work remains for you after we leave.

Air Conditioner Repair in La Palma 300x169 9 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACService Champions technicians have also been trained to cover any floor areas we work over. This protective layer catches all debris and fall-out that may occur during the installation process. If you have any ductwork that needs to be done or if you simply have a furnace located in the attic, we protect all surrounding areas in the vicinity of the attic access.

Extra Care for Claremont AC Installations

Air Conditioning Condensers 300x300 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACSimplify the process of choosing an air conditioning system by working with your Claremont Service Champions representative. Our technicians personalize your appointment to help you have the most memorable experience. Your concerns and preferences are great factors in selecting the right air conditioner and building it to deliver exactly what you desire.

Since your new central air system is a valuable part of your home and family, Service Champions technicians take cautionary steps to protect it for as long as possible.

La Palma Air Conditioning Installation 300x2001 300x200 4 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACClaremont air conditioning installations require a condenser that is usually placed somewhere in the backyard. To protect the condenser from ground-level harm and daily backyard activities, a condenser pad is mounted onto the ground. This elevated platform also serves to keep the condenser neatly tucked away from other backyard furniture.

Claremont Heating with Service Champions

Furnace Closet Installation La Palma 224x300 11 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACWhen you choose Service Champions, you are choosing superior customer service and expert technical care. Your full-service furnace installations come with an easy control system that allows you to enjoy pure air daily.

Full-service Claremont heating installations also are treated with protective measures. A metal mat is placed on the ground beneath the furnace prior to it being fitted inside the furnace closet or the designated place in the garage. The purpose of the mat is to catch all staining and residue that naturally accumulates during the lifespan of furnace use.

Before and After2 300x200 2 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACOn every furnace installation by your Claremont Service Champions technicians, the walls of the closet are also lined with insulation as a method of canceling noise when the central air system is running. This is a completely free process that our technicians do to help improve your home comfort level.

A Gas-Free Alternative in Claremont Homes

Anaheim Hills Gas Furnace Alternative 159x300 19 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVAC

Air Handler

Homes of Claremont that are not allowed traditional gas furnaces are offered an alternative. Service Champions recommends the heat pump split system which relies solely on the refrigeration process and electricity to heat and cool homes. It is a popular choice for homes of this requirement or simply prefer a gas-free option.

The heat pump split system is composed of the heat pump, which replaces the condenser, and the air handler, which replaces the furnace. Both parts are installed by your Claremont Service Champions expert. The heat pump system works to bring cold air into your home and hot air out, and vice versa.

Helpful Claremont Technicians

La Palma Helping Hand 224x300 224x300 8 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACOur technicians strive to bring you the best experience and we believe in extending our services beyond heating and air conditioning. While you have your technician out at your home, feel free to request help in anything you would like.
Our technicians can assist in simple household chores to answering questions regarding your topic of choice. Even if you have concerns regarding how to use the thermostat, we’re here to help and teach. We never leave your home until you are 100 percent satisfied with the visit.

Zoning Control System 300x201 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACWhen the installation is completed to your total satisfaction, your technicians load all garbage and old units onto their van and carry it off-site for proper disposal and recycling. No clean up is required on your part.

With upfront pricing and a projected time-table, you have the comfort of knowing when to expect us to come in and out with no additional or surprise costs.

The Standard of Service Champions

Condenser Training 300x201 16 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACOur technicians have earned their place as Los Angeles County’s top HVAC contractors.

Each year, our technicians train for 150 hours in our own private training facility where we learn of new developments within the HVAC industry. We master new techniques so when we visit you, your central air system is treated with the most advanced methods

Aaron Air Conditioning - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACAll of our team members pass drug tests and background checks prior to entering your home. For your added security, prior to your scheduled appointment, you will also receive an email containing the photo IDs of the technicians visiting.

Claremont Heating Repairs and AC Maintenance

Ductwork Before After in Claremont 300x165 1 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACThere are many different aspects to providing the cleanest air quality into your home. Service Champions technicians respect a one-part replacement or repair as much as a full-service installation. The photograph to the left contains a before and after shot of one of our ductwork installations. No matter the size of the job, you receive a consistent level of expertise and professionalism.

Technician with Safety Glasses Maintenance 200x300 2 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACClaremont AC repairs and furnace repairs are what Service Champions technicians do best. Our technicians value your trust and want to help you achieve the best air possible. Whether you refill on refrigerant levels, clean out dirty filters or simply want a check-up, your Claremont Service Champions technician is available for you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance11 300x268 20 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACTo enjoy perfectly conditioned air all year long, consider regularly scheduled AC maintenance. You have the convenience of an expert caring after your central air system so you do not have to worry and problems are fixed before they even occur. Never worry about the condition of your air conditioning system with Service Champions. Enjoy comfortable air, all year long.

Service Champions is the No. 1 Choice for Claremont Homes

Ray Andrea Kids AC 1.3 300x201 24 - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACWith exceptional customer service and unparalleled technical care, you can only benefit from choosing Service Champions.

As the only Diamond Certified Orange County heating and air conditioning provider, thousands of families across Southern California have trusted our technicians to protect the air they breathe inside of their homes.

Air Conditioning Indoor Air Quality - Claremont Air Conditioning, Repair & Heating – HVACBy utilizing a combination of super filters and air cleaners, up to 99.9 percent of airborne pathogens and particles are removed. To read more on additions to purify your air, click here. Service Champions stands by the integrity of the products and services offered and this method has proven itself to be the most effective and practical to homes of Claremont.

Experience the best in home comfort and lifestyle with clean, healthy air for everyone in your home to breathe. To hear more about firsthand account, please visit our clients’ testimonials page.

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