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Lifting The Family Name

Lifting The Family Name
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April 29, 2016
Lifting The Family Name
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May 4, 2016
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Lifting The Family Name

Lifting The Family Name

No Hooks? No Problem  

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Some people say, “I don’t have what I need to fix this problem” but others say, “How can I get what I need to solve this problem?” Count Service Champions technician Jackson in the second group!

On a service call in San Juan Capistrano, Jackson noticed a sign with the family name had fallen down on the front porch. The adult son was home but the homeowners were not. Jackson wanted to fix it for them, but didn’t have any hooks that would work.

For some, that would have meant a shrug and a “maybe next time.” But Jackson decided to drive the 15 minutes each way to a local Big Box home improvement store to get the hooks he needed. He installed the sign back where it had been above the front door.

Between driving and installation time, it had taken close to an hour of his time, but he imagined the faces of the happy homeowners when they saw the sign restored to its rightful place.

Jackson, instead of saying “I don’t have what I need to do this Good Deed,” you said, “How can I solve this problem?” Great work, Jackson!

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