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Internal Newsletter – Q2 2021

Internal Newsletter – Q2 2021
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May 9, 2021
Internal Newsletter – Q2 2021
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June 1, 2021
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Internal Newsletter – Q2 2021

Leland’s Letter to Service Champions Staff

Hi Team,

I want to start this letter off by saying thank you to each and every one of you. Every day I come into work and see a truly dedicated team. 2020 was an unprecedented year and there’s no way we could have weathered the storm without the commitment from everyone at Service Champions. Everything 2020 threw at us only made us stronger together.

When I look forward to 2021, I’m excited. This year, we’re lucky to be celebrating our 21st year in business. We are continuing to grow, and when the company grows, it is an opportunity for you, the individual employee, to grow as well.

With the most recent acquisition of JW, Adeedo! and A-Avis, we’re expanding in ways we never thought possible. Along with new faces in the office, we’re seeing new job opportunities for both our field and office staff. A company cannot grow alone, every single employee grows with it. There will be chances to take on new roles, duties, and responsibilities.

We’re only three months into 2021 and already this year is off to a great start. Just know that any challenge you take on this year, I’m with you. New growth means we never stop learning and never stop building a greater future. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to be part of our Service Champions family and I look forward to what the rest of 2021 will bring.


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Mark Drummond 17 Years Luis Ortiz 12 Years
Ricardo Perez 6 Years Jose Castro 6 Years
Ivan Saavedra 4 Years Ryen Carpenter 3 Years
Johnny Rosales 3 Years Roberto Medrano 3 Years
Marcus Cook 3 Years Angel Aranzubia 3 Years
Steven Reyes 2 Years Neil Dam 2 Years
Roberto Arroyo 2 Years Jesse Aldama 2 Years


Pamela Kiel 21 Years Eric Uhart 17 Years
James Dotson 16 Years Daniel Andrade 14 Years
Kara Brumbaugh 8 Years Miguel Fernandez 9 Years
Eric Ascencio 6 Years Aubrey West 6 Years
Cesar Raygoza 6 Years Robert Leath 5 Years
Michael Gallegos 5 Years Dean Ward 5 Years
Phillip Koon 4 Years Jose Velazquez 2 Years
Monica Clements 1 Year Joshua Owusu 1 Year
Daniel Miu 1 Year Stefany Garcia 1 Year


Steve Smith 20 Years Frank Speer 20 Years
Benito Rivera 11 Years Austin Smith 9 Years
Tyler Pham 6 Years Heather Schmidt 6 Years
Lisa Elias 5 Years Lito Fueconcillo 5 Years
Carrie McDonnell 4 Years Erica Martinez 3 Years
Bart Ilg 3 Year William Jolon 2 Year
Gabriel Garcia-Alcala 2 Year Leobardo Acevedo 2 Year
Jose Alonzo 2 Years Gerardo Reyes 2 Years
Kim Huynh 2 Years Saul Chavez 1 Year
Elias Aguilar 1 Year Victor Cruz 1 Year


Jeff Becker January 1 Lesley Tay January 1
Malaka Abdallah January 1 Steven Placencia January 5
Michael Wolfe January 7 Rebecca Butler January 12
James Plouffe January 14 Roonie Delgadillo January 14
Lim Pang January 16 Ryan Calvano January 17
Jennifer Buck January 18 Gene Arroyas January 18
Jose Saldana January 21 Andres Orona January 21
Luis Montoya January 24 Ryan Bujer January 25
Johnny Rosales January 27 Christian Corwin January 28
Elizabeth Tobar January 28 Georgemiguel Ponce January 29
Peter Perez January 29 Kyle Wiltse January 29
Carlos Chacon January 30 Domingo Hernandez January 30
Mark Drummond January 31 Jeffrey Johnson January 31


Ray Gonzalez February 5 Thaddeus Hilliard February 6
Troy Burianek February 6 Nicole Wright February 10
Brian Digirolamo February 11 Patrick Cordova Jr. February 11
Monique Malone February 12 Garett Pendergast February 13
Ryan Hansen February 13 Daniela Corona February 13
Michael O’Malley February 14 Ricardo Diaz February 14
Brian Solis February 14 Betsy Dominguez February 14
Gregory Camacho February 15 Ryan Finch February 17
Matthew Jameson February 19 James Navarro February 20
David Chavarin February 21 Jose Reyes February 21
Josh Lara February 22 Jaicub Herrera February 22
Joye Jackson February 22 Jose Montero February 22
Roddy Guerra February 24 Christian De La Cruz February 24
Eric Uhart February 25 Jon Michael Gustilo February 27


Berenice Chavez March 1 Cesar Balbin March 3
Chris Guardado March 3 Michael Lelome March 6
Steven Quezada March 6 Roberto Carlin March 6
Sherly Cordova March 6 Daniel Zuniga March 6
Jesse Aldama March 8 Paul Gomez March 9
Sophanna Chan March 10 Jeffrey Ascencio March 11
Paul Brents March 11 Elias Cili March 11
Tiffany Ballard March 12 Jonathan Becerra March 12
Erland Adargas March 13 Adin Castaneda March 13
Paulo Cisneros March 15 Jose Pinedo March 19
Rasheda Rawley March 21 Melissa Morgan March 24
Esteban Moreno March 25 Danny Serrano March 25
Mike Smith March 29 Santos Echeverria March 29

Get to Know Chris

Please share a brief overview of your management background:

I spent 20 years in the electronic security business with my last position being the Vice President of Commercial Sales for Protection One/ADT. I’ve been in the HVAC business 11 years as a General Manager and most recently a Regional Director for Service Experts largest region covering Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.

Why did you choose Service Champions? 

To be part of something where my input and ideas were valued, and I could make a difference as the company continues to grow.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

TEvery day getting to work with the most talented people in the HVAC business, no one invests more in their employee’s training and development than Service Champions and knowing that I get to work along and influence the best in the business is incredible.

How have your past experiences shaped you?

I’ve seen how companies should and should NOT be run and I’ve owned my own businesses which gives you a different perspective and appreciation for what it takes to be successful. The financial bottom-line is always important but if you only focus on numbers and not the people, you’ll never reach your full potential as an organization.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone, what would it be? 

Focus on yourself and do the best job you can do everyday and don’t worry about distractors or negative influencers around you. There is a lot of negativity in the world, be the positive influence that changes others perception and be a great teammate.

What is your favorite and least favorite saying?

“Winners never quit, and quitters never win”. – My favorite movie quote is “If you ain't first you are last.”

“Hope for the best but prepare for the worst”. (Least favorite because hope is never a strategy)

Where were you born?

I was born in New York.

What is one food dish you would not want to live without? Why?


When you aren’t working, what do you enjoy doing (hobbies)? 

Spending time with my family, nothing makes me happier than having both of my daughters together. My biggest passions outside of my family is sports with Alabama college football and New York Jets pro football being my top two.

Meet Your New Team Members

  • Alex Zendejas
  • Andy Keating
  • Art Acuna
  • Ashely Holder
  • Barbara Gross
  • Brian Otte
  • Brian Sorensen
  • Bryan Aguilera
  • Bryan Mojica
  • Bryan Saenz
  • Bryant Gnirk
  • Cameron Leon
  • Carlos Garcia
  • Chris Cos
  • Christal Flores
  • Cristian Sanchez
  • Cristian Tenorio
  • Derek Ulrich
  • Dominic Rodriguez
  • Eduardo Rivera
  • Ernesto Castillo
  • Francisco Perez
  • Franco Vigil
  • Frank Medina
  • Gabe Guzman
  • Gio Bonilla
  • Hunter Elias
  • Isiah Moreno
  • Jon Agular
  • Jonathan Madero
  • Joseph Harrington
  • Josue Lopez
  • Journey Wright
  • Juan Castillo
  • Julian Molina
  • Karen Robles
  • Kevin Granich
  • Kurt Kawczynski
  • Kyle Gilbert
  • Manuel Gloria
  • Mario Lopez
  • Mark Diaz
  • Nicolette Gomez
  • Noe Hernandez
  • Norberto Lopez
  • Stephen Parker
  • Tamara Robinson
  • Tiffany Scott
  • Tyler Williams
  • Victor Rosales
  • William Ward

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