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How to get Cold AC Air from your air conditioner

How to get Cold AC Air from your air conditioner
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How to get Cold AC Air from your air conditioner
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How to get Cold AC Air from your air conditioner

How to get Cold AC Air from your air conditioner

Cold AC Air

Air conditioners do so much for our homes such as providing cold AC air. Unfortunately, most of us do little to protect them from wear and tear. With all the work air conditioners do, harmful conditions add up. This often results in higher energy costs, compromised home comfort and lesser air conditioning.

Air Conditioner - How to get Cold AC Air from your air conditioner

In order to protect the lifespan and achieve cold ac air from your air conditioner, there are a few things all homeowners should do.

Clean All Indoor Parts of the Air Conditioner System For Cold AC Air

Many are surprised to learn that simple dust plays a big role in air conditioner wellbeing. While the air filter in the air conditioner removes the majority of dust and airborne particles, it cannot remove all.

Dust collects on the air conditioner system. It also collects over fans, vents and registers. When the air filter inside the air conditioner fills, more dust passes through it. As a result, dust builds up on the inside of the air conditioner. This includes motors, evaporator coils, tubes and even the heat exchanger.

What happens next? The air conditioner has to work harder against the dust buildup. This means more money spent on the same exact air conditioning. Parts wear more quickly, leading to damages and air conditioner repairs.

To prevent all this trouble, keep the air conditioner as clean as possible. Particularly in the months when the air conditioner is in disuse, dust collects rather quickly.

When cleaning for cold AC air remember the:

  • Vents and registers in all rooms
  • To clear the area around the return duct
  • Blades of ceiling fans
  • Air conditioner condenser unit
  • Furnace closet

To further protect indoor air quality, be sure to keep the furnace closet clear of extra household items.

Check for Inconsistencies with the Air Conditioner

After a few years, homeowners become familiar with what is odd behavior from their air conditioners. This is important to track and note. Many irregularities are signs that lead to other conditions. With proper care from air conditioner technicians, these conditions can be treated before they turn into permanent damages.

Homeowners should check in with their air conditioners to see how they have changed with age and use. This information is useful for air conditioner technicians who deliver necessary treatment.

Homeowners should note:

  • Unusual sounds or odors
  • Changes in the length of air conditioning cycle
  • Changes in the quality of air conditioning
  • Higher utility bills
  • Changes in indoor air quality
  • Any physical damages to the air conditioner unit

Schedule Air Conditioner Maintenance with Service Champions

Air conditioner maintenance is the single best way to preserve your air conditioner. Homeowners who regularly have air conditioner maintenance experience healthier, cleaner and better air conditioning.

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