Home Water Filtration System

Home Water Filtration System
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August 13, 2019
Home Water Filtration System
Water Filtration System
August 21, 2019

Home Water Filtration System

Home Water Filtration System

Benefits of A Home Water Filtration System

Homeowners love home water filtration systems because of the convenience of having clean and safe water at home. They love the taste and feel of clean water and knowing that every sip they take has been purified of harmful chemicals and compounds.

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We use water everyday. We drink it and use it to cook. We use water to clean our clothes, dishes, cars and even our homes. We use it to shower and brush our teeth. The water in our home is important, so why don’t we care more about what’s in our water? A home water filtration system changes that.

A home water filtration system delivers a host of great benefits, improving all aspects of home living and comfort. With a solid home water filtration system like the HALO 5, you get even more than just clean water.

A Home Water Filtration System Gives You Consistently Clean Water

One of the most important and pressing reasons anyone should get a home water filtration system is to have clean and safe water to drink. Otherwise, we are stuck with the inconvenience of buying bottles of water while creating waste through plastic and paying a premium for pre-packaged water. A home water filtration system eliminates all of that work.

Our water contains all sorts of chemicals and pollutants, making it taste funny or look cloudy and discolored. Common contaminants include:

  • Nitrogen
  • Bleach
  • Salt
  • Pesticides
  • Arsenic
  • Metals
  • Bacteria
  • Drugs
  • Microbiological compounds

The HALO 5 home water filtration system removes all of these particles from the water without stripping it of its natural minerals that give water its taste. With the HALO 5, you can literally drink water from every single faucet in your house.

Even your bathwater is clean and safe to use comfortably and because it is free of waste, it does not damage your bath tub or shower. The HALO 5 also does not require salts, so your skin and hair are not left with that slimy feel so familiar with other water softeners. Rather, you always feel clean, smooth and refreshed.

A Home Water Filtration System Helps Reduce Household Cleaning

Are you tired of spotty mirrors, buildup around faucets and white casts on your glassware? All of those signs point to hard water. Hard water is water full of calcium, magnesium and other sulfates that cause those white spots of limescale. Many times, we’re left wondering exactly what’s in our water. Worst of all, these spots and buildup make our homes look and feel dirty and are a pain to clean.

HALO 5 home water filtration systems fix that. Because this home water filtration system completely removes minerals in the water, you no longer have white scale on glasses, mirrors or shower doors. Hard water, or dirty water, even affects our clothes. Hard water will make clothes stiff and scratchy. When we shower, hard water dries out our skin, hair and nails and can even make certain conditions worse. Because we use water everywhere, the problem is everywhere. However, if we fix the water, we fix the problem. A home water filtration system does just that.

With the HALO 5 home water filtration system, you can reduce household cleaning on:

  • Shower doors
  • Mirrors
  • Sinks
  • Windows
  • Glassware
  • Silverware

A home water filtration system that removes minerals also protects your fixtures like faucets, shower heads, sprinklers and more. Hard water can also damage finishing, dulling the shine and gloss of cabinets, doors and metal appliances. It might sound small, but all of this adds up, causing the home to look far more drab than it should.

A Water Filtration System Saves Your Pipes from Damages

Hard water can cost the home, too. With enough time, the calcium, magnesium and other minerals within water can clog and damage pipes. In turn, this forces water to back up or flood and homeowners lose access to water in their homes. Repairing pipes is expensive, which is why it is such a good idea to opt for a home water filtration system instead. On top of safe water to drink and a cleaner wash, the HALO 5 keeps the pipes in the home healthy and clear for consistent access.

Filtered water also helps protect the longevity of everyday appliances like the :

  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Shower heads
  • Sprinklers
  • Faucets

It can take less than a year for your pipes to collect 1/4 inch of scale. In addition, mineral-dense water requires 40 percent more energy to heat. Using the HALO 5 home water filtration system completely eliminates the possibility of buildup because it removes existing scale.

To protect the health of your pipes, home and appliances, seriously consider the HALO 5. It will improve your home.

Get Your Home Water Filtration System with Service Champions HVAC

For years, homeowners have trusted Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning for exceptional HVAC and genuine customer service. Everyday, we go above and beyond to deliver superior service so that your home air is exactly where you want it. We are still committed to making your home the best place to be. Now, we want to purify the water in your home. That is why we now carry the HALO 5. We believe that this solution will elevate your home comfort and lifestyle quality.

Why is the HALO 5 water filtration system the best solution for you?

  • It requires no maintenance
  • It completely purifies your water
  • It gives you water you can trust
  • It keeps your home clean
  • It improves home comfort

Everyone deserves clean and healthy water to use for comfort, safety and hygiene. The HALO 5 makes that possible. Clean water elevates comfort, just like heating and air conditioning.  To learn more about the HALO 5 home water filtration system, complete the form below. You can also speak to our friendly call center representatives for assistance.

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