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November 10, 2017
November 16, 2017

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Heating Tune-Up

Take care of your heater, and your heater takes care of you

Heating tune-ups are the best decision homeowners can make for their homes. There are so many tremendous benefits that it virtually solves any problem homeowners may have.

Regular heating tune-up potentially saves homeowners hundreds to thousands of dollars. Because heating tune-ups deliver preventative treatment, up to 90 percent of expensive repairs and permanent damages are cured before they happen.

With heating tune-up your furnace is scrubbed clean of damaging buildup. It’s also tested and examined top to bottom to ensure reliable heating service for the new season.

The Benefits of Heating Tune-Up:

  • The HVAC system lasts longer
  • Indoor air is cleaner
  • Energy efficiency increases
  • Less repairs and damages
  • Better and more reliable heating and air conditioning

A heating tune-up makes your home better

There are significant advantages to have a heating tune-up done by an HVAC expert.

With time and use, tough buildup and microbiological growth collect inside the furnace. This type of obstruction adds stress to the furnace, pollutes indoor air quality and spends more energy to heat and cool the home. Additionally, buildup and lack of maintenance contribute to damages and early repairs, cutting the furnace lifespan short.

For your heating tune-up, specialists use precision tools designed specifically for maintenance. These tools are used to clean and maintain sensitive parts deep within the furnace. By carefully removing buildup and making all necessary adjustments, the furnace works better and for longer with less energy spending.

With total testing and evaluation, problem areas are identified and treated before more serious harm sets. Once the evaluation is complete, your HVAC specialist can tell you exactly how to better use and preserve your furnace.

To protect your home, air and comfort, schedule your heating tune-up.