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When to Expect Home Furnace Repairs

When to Expect Home Furnace Repairs
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December 5, 2016
When to Expect Home Furnace Repairs
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December 7, 2016
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When to Expect Home Furnace Repairs

When to Expect Home Furnace Repairs

Home Furnace Repairs

Home furnace repairs are an inevitable part of central air systems.

Home Furnace Repairs - When to Expect Home Furnace Repairs

While every furnace has its determined lifespan, certain parts may wear more quickly than others. Most of the time, home furnace repairs can be completely prevented. It all depends on use and care.

Blower Motors

Blower motors are what push and pull air throughout the entire central air system. Home furnace repairs for blower motors are not uncommon. Plenty of factors contribute to this type of home furnace repair.

  • Blower motors have been installed incorrectly
  • Debris has built over the washers, creating a glue
  • Motors are overworked
  • Blades have broken

Blower motors are essential to the central air system. Without them, no air can be conditioned or moved into your home.

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In addition, avoiding or putting off on this home furnace repair results in:

  • Poor performance quality
  • Useless energy expenditure
  • Overheating

HVAC contractors are familiar with this home furnace repair. Before more damage can occur, contact your technician as soon as you can.

Homeowners can expect to need a home furnace repair for blower motors if their furnaces have not been maintained in several years. Often, it is the build up of debris and particles that causes breakdown. Next, it is the length of time and use. When your HVAC technician for maintenance, do not be surprised if he or she finds a blower motor in need of repair.

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How to Prevent a Furnace Repair

Air Duct

Though air ducts are made of a rather thin material, it is unusual for it to experience leaks. However, leaks are a home furnace repair that should be made immediately.

The attic itself has a unique environment. It experiences extreme ends of temperatures during the winter and summer. Consequently, if there are leaks in the air duct system, dirty unconditioned air can enter and pollute indoor air.

Leaks in the air duct mean:

  • Poor energy efficiency
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Inaccurate air conditioning

Expect a home furnace repair for air duct leaks if:

  • There has been construction or remodeling in the attic space
  • Air conditioning does not seem the same
  • Air inside the home seems dirtier or heavier

Your heating technician can provide a home furnace repair for air duct leaks and holes. In turn, the air in your home will be cleaner and energy will be used efficiently.

Home Furnace Repairs with Service Champions

Home furnace repairs come in all different sizes. Your HVAC technician is the one who can restore the health and safety of your central air system. Homeowners of California trust Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning.

Service Champions leads in home furnace repairs, installations and maintenance. We are the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for multiple counties. For every home, we provide exceptional customer service and superior technical care. We guarantee your satisfaction with home furnace repairs.

Meet your expert technician from Service Champions. Contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center to schedule your home furnace repair.

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