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Do you have a blank thermostat?

Do you have a blank thermostat?
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January 26, 2016
Do you have a blank thermostat?
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Do you have a blank thermostat?

Do you have a blank thermostat?

Modern Programming Thermostat on a wall near door

Reasons For A Blank Thermostat


Themostat Blank 300x200 - Do you have a blank thermostat?

Blank Thermostat

When you have a blank thermostat, an overlooked explanation is that it has simply run out of power.

Typically, battery-powered thermostats give some sort of indication about battery life, in the form of a message on the screen or as a colored light. If your central air system thermostat is powered via battery, simply replace the battery.

If your thermostat is powered directly from the central air itself, double check to ensure that all power sources are in their proper states. This means that all wires are connected, plugs are in outlets and the breaker and switch are both in the “on” position.

If the thermostat is blank still, there may be a problem with the thermostat itself.  You can opt to replace the thermostat or call your HVAC contractor for assistance.


Your air conditioner contractor may discover that rather than a problem within the thermostat, there is an underlying issue within the central air system. In either case, at this point, your technician must conduct further investigation.

The thermostat allows you to control the temperature of the air that is conditioned and measures the temperature inside the home at all times. Whether it is summer or winter, the thermostat is absolutely necessary to properly operate the central air system.

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