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What Are The Different Types Of Furnace Replacements?

What Are The Different Types Of Furnace Replacements?
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November 3, 2016
What Are The Different Types Of Furnace Replacements?
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November 8, 2016
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What Are The Different Types Of Furnace Replacements?

What Are The Different Types Of Furnace Replacements?

FAQs: Furnace Replacements

Whenever furnace contractors mention furnace replacements, it brings up several questions. To better prepare and answer some worries on your mind, here are some answers to popular questions from homeowners all over California.

Furnace Replacements - What Are The Different Types Of Furnace Replacements?

How often should I replace the furnace air filter?

The air filter should be replaced regularly. The specific amount depends on several factors:

  • How large is your home?
  • Do you have pets? Was there recently construction inside?
  • How fine is the filter?
  • How long as it been since you last replaced it?

If you have a special air filter with a MERV rating above 16, you will most likely have to replace it more frequently. This is because it catches more particles of smaller size, filling up more quickly than the average filter.

As a general rule of thumb, all air filters should be changed at least twice a year in between major seasons. This helps keep your indoor air clean by removing germs and particles. It also helps prevent furnace replacements by keeping buildup out of the system itself.

MERV 16 Filter 300x300 - What Are The Different Types Of Furnace Replacements?

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Why should I agree to a furnace replacement?

Homeowners should consent to the furnace replacement because it will save costs in the long run.  The sooner the furnace replacement takes place, the better care your central air receives.

Putting it off means that the stress spreads throughout the system. This causes more than one necessary repair or furnace replacement. Try not to downplay problems your furnace has. Be honest when speaking with your furnace contractor to find a practical solution together.

How do I avoid furnace replacements and repairs?

HVAC maintenance is the single best way to prevent furnace replacements. Regular AC maintenance and furnace maintenance allows your HVAC contractor the time to clean, tune and test each part of the central air system. Technicians scout out issues before they grow into repairs and furnace replacements, saving you time and money with preventative treatment.

A basic furnace maintenance call includes:

  • Thorough cleaning inside and out
  • Tests for safety and efficiency
  • Health evaluation

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Are furnace replacements difficult to find?

Most HVAC contractors will have a supply of parts available in their warehouse. It becomes only a matter of time locating, delivering and making the actual repair. If you do have an older central air system that is no longer manufactured, it may become necessary to replace the entire system. However, this does not have to be bad news.

Air systems today are far smarter and more energy efficient than ever before. If your central air system is old enough that your technicians cannot make the furnace replacement, then your system may experience other breakdowns soon.

Furnace Replacements with Service Champions

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the preferred HVAC contractors in Southern California. As the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider, we are proud to deliver extraordinary furnace replacements with superior customer service.

We guarantee your satisfaction with every service call. To meet your talented HVAC technician for your furnace replacement, contact one of our helpful representatives in our call center at your convenience.

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