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Choose the HALO 5 Water Filter for Purified Water

Choose the HALO 5 Water Filter for Purified Water
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November 2, 2019
Choose the HALO 5 Water Filter for Purified Water
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Choose the HALO 5 Water Filter for Purified Water

Choose the HALO 5 Water Filter for Purified Water
What is the HALO 5 water filter? It’s a whole house water filter homeowners can rely on for intelligent and reliable water filtration. Using smart technology, its unique design removes harmful contaminants from water for a refreshing and clean taste.

Why should you use the HALO 5 water filter?

  • It’s smart
  • It’s maintenance free
  • It cleans itself
  • It filters water for the entire house
  • It protects your pipes and drains
  • It minimizes cleaning

The HALO 5 water filter is the best whole house water filter system for everyday use. We use water for more than just drinking. Water is used for food prep, cooking, and washing dishes. Additionally, we use water to bathe, shower, brush our teeth, flush the toilet, and clean our clothes. In short, we rely on clean water every day, so the quality of our water makes a big difference.

The HALO 5 Water Filter Is Built for Whole House Comfort

The HALO 5 filter cleans water for the entire house. With this water filter, you can use water with complete peace of mind.

Clean water also keeps your home’s pipes and drains healthy. Hard minerals in water cause scale and corrosion that eventually lead to blockages, leaks and even flooding. In order to prevent damages to your pipes, filtered water is necessary. But, the HALO 5 water filter does more than just prevent scale. It dissolves existing scale without any extra systems or tools. Say goodbye to bags of salts, conditioners or softeners.

Instead, the HALO 5 filtration system uses its own built-in conditioning solution. The HALO ION water conditioner creates permanent magnetic fields that alter the molecular structure of charged ions found in calcium and magnesium. In doing so, these particles of calcium and magnesium cannot collect and develop into scale or corrosion. Instead, the HALO suspends calcium and magnesium evenly in the water supply.

Why keep some of these minerals in the water? Excess calcium and magnesium contribute to scale, but the right amount gives water its good taste. Calcium and magnesium are some of several essential minerals that make water healthy to drink.

Additionally, much like scale, too much calcium and magnesium lead to spots on silverware, glassware, mirrors and shower fixtures. These pesky spots can be bothersome to look at and clean regularly. The HALO 5 water filter prevents this from happening.

The HALO 5 Water Filter Uses Five Stages to Clean Water

The HALO 5 water filter fights scale, makes water taste great, and protects the home. But, how does it do this? The HALO 5 completely purifies water to remove harmful chemicals and particles through five different stages.

General water supply is treated with chlorine and bleach for disinfection. However, excess chlorine—and chlorine in general—have byproducts that affect the taste and drinkability of household water. Because of this, many homeowners use some sort of water filtration device; whether it’s a pitcher or a gadget that attaches to the sink itself. The HALO 5 water filter is different because it treats the entire home’s water supply. So, no matter where you need water—whether in the kitchen, the bathroom, or laundry room—you can confidently use it.

The HALO 5 water filter uses five distinct stages for ultimate filtration.

Stage 1: Acid-washed granular activated carbon media filter

The granular activated carbon media filter, also known as the GAC filter, is excellent at removing particles like chlorine, chloramines, gasses, dyes, fuels, heavy metals, man-made pollutants, disinfectants, pesticides, sodium hypochlorite, odors and volatile organic contaminants.

Stage 2: Centaur® High Activity Carbon filter

The Centaur® filter reduces free chlorine from the water supply. Free chlorine is excess chlorine that has not yet been used to sanitize water. In doing so, water tastes much better.

Stage 3: Filter-AG Plus®

In this stage, ultra-fine particles are removed from the water supply, clarifying water. Sometimes, homeowners complain of smoky or cloudy water and think that it is dirty. That smokiness is caused by fine sediment floating in the water. The Filter-AG Plus® removes those particles.

Stage 4: High density garnet filter

In the final filtration stage, water passes through a high-density garnet filter. This is a very durable filter that works well in combination with the other four filters.

Stage 5: HALO ION Inline Water Conditioner

The HALO ION water conditioner intelligently treats water by separating calcium and magnesium particles evenly through the water. This prevents scale and corrosion while retaining the essential minerals that give water its taste. It is the final step in the HALO 5 water filter system.

In addition, the HALO 5 water filter backwashes once a week. The programmed backwash uses 30 percent less water than other whole house water filters. The backwash lasts 10 minutes and rinses the media bed in order to prime it again for another week of high efficiency filtration.

Choose the HALO 5 Water Filter for the Ultimate Home Comfort

The HALO 5 water filter is the best whole house water filtration system. It delivers a thoughtful and convenient solution for purified water while minimizing water waste. For homeowners who want a simple and reliable way to keep water in their home pristine, the HALO 5 water filter is an excellent choice.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is now happy to deliver the HALO 5 water filter for homeowners of California. Get the HALO 5 water filter for your home to increase home comfort. Complete the linked form to make your appointment. You can also speak with our friendly call center representatives for further assistance.

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