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Why AC Maintenance Service Should Matter to You

Why AC Maintenance Service Should Matter to You
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April 4, 2016
Why AC Maintenance Service Should Matter to You
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April 5, 2016
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Why AC Maintenance Service Should Matter to You

Why AC Maintenance Service Should Matter to You

AC Maintenance Service


Heating and air are a large part of making our homes safe, enjoyable and comfortable. AC maintenance service is increasingly necessary to keep you, your home and central air system happy. In fact, it is the single best method to avoiding costly repairs and permanent damages.

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Air conditioning maintenance helps:

  1. Keep the HVAC system clean and healthy
  2. Prevent expensive repairs
  3. Last longer
  4. Work more efficiently and reliably


When you plan for your AC maintenance service, do the work to find the right HVAC contractors. A professionally licensed technician provides the type of expert experience from which your central air can benefit.

This includes:

  1. Ability to identify problems before they occur
  2. Precision in technical maintenance of fragile interior
  3. Foresight to avoid and prevent unfavorable situations such as refrigerant leaks and microbiological growth
  4. Proficient communication to always keep you informed about what is being done and what to expect


Once you have found your air conditioning contractor of choice, he or she will arrive with a planned air conditioner maintenance program to evaluate the health of the central air as well as attend to any individual trouble zones.

The AC Maintenance Service Checklist

IMG 7751 300x200 300x200 - Why AC Maintenance Service Should Matter to You

Heating and air conditioning specialists have serviced thousands of HVAC systems. There is almost no problem that has not yet been encountered. A good heating and air specialist will come with a thorough evaluation plan to provide your central air undivided attention.

From your AC maintenance service, you can expect:

Safety checks for:

  1. Refrigerant leaks
  2. Gas leaks, such as carbon monoxide
  3. Presence of microbiological growth


Cleaning inside and outside of the unit:

  1. Drip pans are emptied
  2. Air filters are cleaned (or replaced)
  3. Coils are wiped down


Technical service that:

  1. Ensure all wires are connected, do not display potential harm and work properly
  2. Tests blower motors, fan blades and other parts to be firmly attached and perform at full capacity
  3. Tests the thermostat to work in sync with the rest of the HVAC system

Any additional troubles are scouted and brought to your attention before further harm is done. Once your AC maintenance service is complete, your central air is in shape for a new season of high quality and efficient heating and air conditioning.

HVAC Maintenance is a Homeowner’s Best Friend

Air conditioning maintenance is an exceptional tool for homeowners anywhere. Once you find the right HVAC contractors for you and your home, you are provided the technical and professional care you trust.

At Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning, our team of talented experts heals and restores HVAC systems all across Southern California. We have our own detailed AC maintenance checklist designed from experience. With our dedication to genuine customer service and expert technical care, the air conditioner maintenance we deliver is unrivaled.

To learn more about how Service Champions can be your preferred AC specialist, contact us at your convenience or schedule an appointment online.

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